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Why Hiring High School Interns Can Give Your Company a Boost

Hiring high school interns is becoming an increasingly popular practice among companies looking to inject fresh ideas into their workforce. Not only does it allow companies to tap into new audiences, but it also provides young adults with their first real glimpse into the professional world.

However, the decision to hire high school interns can seem daunting to many employers. There are questions surrounding their motivation, their abilities and their attitude towards work.

In this article, well explore the advantages of hiring high school interns and how they compare to their college counterparts.

Advantages of Hiring High School Interns

Company Loyalty

High school interns may be inexperienced and lack professional experience, but they make up for it with their loyalty and dedication. Tasks that may seem mundane to experienced employees can be exciting for high schoolers looking for simple ideas that they can innovate.

Hiring young people can also improve teamwork, as it encourages ideas to flow between generations. Their work is often done with enthusiasm, and they tend to have a positive attitude towards contributing to the companys success.

Asking Obvious Questions

High school interns can bring innovative perspectives to a company. Young people have a fresh outlook on life and culture, which can translate into creative solutions to everyday problems.

They might ask simple questions that experienced employees would not consider, leading to new solutions for old problems. In addition, young people are in-touch with popular culture and can give a company valuable insight into the opinions of youth.

Their perspective can help companies to stay on top of social media trends or introduce new ideas to appeal to a younger demographic.

Tapping into New Audiences

One of the most significant advantages of hiring high school interns is that they can open up a company to new audiences. Young people are the next generation of consumers; they have social media savviness and are always on the lookout for new trends and new products.

Young interns bring unique insights and pop culture knowledge to the company that older employees simply might not have. Additionally, internships are often mentioned by students on college applications, which is an excellent source of publicity for the company.

High School Interns vs. College Interns

Differences in Motivation

Perhaps the most significant difference between high school and college interns is their motivation. High school interns are looking for professional experience and exposure to different careers.

In contrast, college interns are often driven by their career goals, hoping to gain practical skills that will land them a job after graduation. Both groups of interns can be motivated by the companys benefits, such as compensation, recognition and the possibility of future employment.

Still, high school interns can be more enthusiastic about contributing to the companys success.

Types of Tasks

High school interns may not have acquired the same level of training as college interns have. Therefore, they may be limited in terms of the types of tasks they can complete.

While college students work on small-scale projects, organizing and managing some of the more technical aspects of the company, high school interns will usually be assigned simple tasks such as sorting paperwork, filing, and minor clerical work. Nonetheless, employers should not underestimate these simple tasks.

They can help to develop valuable clerical skills and a disciplined work ethic.

Perspectives on Employment

Finally, its important to understand the difference in perspectives between high school and college interns. For many high schoolers, their internships serve as a stepping stone to potential careers.

They want to know that they are contributing to the companys success and are passionate about the work. College interns, on the other hand, are often more interested in gaining experience that can translate into future employment opportunities.

The experience they gain during their internships will inform their choices when they begin job hunting post-graduation.


Hiring high school interns can be a valuable and rewarding experience both for the company and for the interns themselves. By offering new perspectives on age-old problems and a willingness to approach mundane tasks with enthusiasm, high school interns can help companies grow and stay relevant to a younger demographic.

Its important to note that high school interns and college interns have different levels of professional experience, and they are motivated by varying factors. Employers need to understand these differences to make informed choices when hiring interns.

In conclusion, taking on high school interns has many benefits, the most important of which is the opportunity for fresh perspectives and youthful energy. With a little guidance and a willingness to embrace new ideas, high school interns can become a valuable asset to a company looking to broaden its horizons and reach out to new audiences.

High school interns may lack the experience and training that their college counterparts have, but they bring a unique set of skills and perspectives to the table. Their youth and inexperience can be seen as an asset when it comes to finding simple solutions to problems and understanding youth culture.

High school interns also have the potential to provide fresh insights and new ideas that can help companies appeal to a younger demographic.

Simple Solutions

One of the best advantages of hiring high school interns is the simplicity that they bring. Young people are not burdened by the weight of experience, which can sometimes lead to overthinking a problem.

Instead, they tend to ask straightforward questions and suggest straightforward solutions. This perspective can breathe new life into mundane tasks and projects.

High school interns can approach things with a fresh set of eyes, thus providing unique and innovative ideas.

Understanding Youth Culture

Another advantage of hiring high school interns is that they have a finger on the pulse of youth culture. They are aware of the cultural phenomena and pop culture trends that drive the younger generation.

High school students are also social media savvy, and can provide insight into how to craft a companys social media presence. For companies that are looking to target a younger audience, high school interns may be indispensable in understanding how to communicate with young people.

New Ideas for Target Audience

High school interns can be an incredibly valuable resource for companies looking to reach new audiences. They have their pulse on whats trending in fashion, music and pop culture, which can influence business decisions.

For example, a high school intern working at a fashion magazine can bring a fresh perspective to a fashion column. They might know about a new trend that is popular among trendsetters, but has not yet hit the mainstream.

Hiring high school interns can help companies stay relevant and provide an opportunity to create new content that resonates with younger audiences. In addition to these benefits, there are several other advantages to hiring high school interns.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Connecting with Future Talent

Hiring high school interns is an excellent way to connect with future talent. By offering an internship program, companies can start building a relationship with potential candidates early in their career.

Its a chance to assess their capabilities, work ethic, and personality. If an intern shows promise, who knows, they might end up being a valuable employee in the future.

This also helps a company to promote a positive image in the community by offering young people opportunities that can set them on a positive career path.

Fresh Perspectives

Another advantage of hiring high school interns is the fresh perspectives that they bring. They are not jaded by previous work experiences, and they have not yet become entrenched in one way of thinking.

They can approach projects with an open mind, and bring a unique perspective to the table. Whats more, high school interns are typically tech-savvy and have a good understanding of new technologies or trends that more experienced employees might not be familiar with.

When given the opportunity, young interns can shine a light on the most minute aspects of a project that experienced employees might not have thought about. This can lead to better solutions, increased innovation, and higher levels of creativity, which can be crucial in staying ahead of the competition.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Hiring high school interns provides an excellent opportunity to promote diversity and inclusivity within the company. The young intern pool is diverse and includes varying levels of experience, academic backgrounds, and cultural backgrounds.

This diversity can help bring different perspectives, ideas, and ways of thinking to the table. The result is a more well-rounded, innovative, and inclusive work environment.

In addition, the experience of working with diverse employees can help to build empathy and understanding, which is a valuable asset in any workplace setting. In conclusion, hiring high school interns is a beneficial practice that provides a range of advantages.

Bringing young and enthusiastic workers into the workplace can lead to new perspectives, innovative solutions, and fresh ideas that can help companies stay relevant and reach new demographics. Furthermore, working with diverse and inclusive staff can lead to better problem solving, increased creativity, and empathy within the company.

These advantages can lead to a more moral and productive workforce that works towards a common goal. In essence, high school interns bring unique perspectives, youthful energy, and fresh insights that can help companies reach new audiences and stay relevant.

They offer simple solutions to complex problems, are in touch with youth culture trends, and can provide new ideas that appeal to younger demographics. Other benefits of hiring high school interns include diversifying the workforce, promoting inclusivity and empathy among employees, and connecting with future talent.

Companies that invest in hiring high school interns can reap the rewards of a dynamic, innovative, and inclusive work environment that drives success.

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