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The Top 10 Companies Shaping Austin’s Tech and Business Scene

Austin, Texas is one of the fastest-growing cities in the United States, known for its vibrant culture, great food, and thriving tech scene. Dubbed “Silicon Hills” due to the presence of many innovative startups and tech giants, Austin is an excellent place to work if you’re looking to break into the technology industry or want to work for a company that values its employees.

In this article, we will take a look at the top 10 companies to work for in Austin, Texas, and what makes them unique. Top 10 Companies to Work for in Austin:



Aceable is a digital learning platform that offers affordable certification and training programs. The company’s mission is to empower people to achieve their goals through education.

Aceable offers courses in various categories, including real estate, driver’s education, and defensive driving. Aceable has a 4.9-star rating on Trustpilot, with over 100,000 satisfied customers.

2. Clearhead:

Clearhead is a digital optimization agency that helps companies test, personalize, and improve their online experiences.

Clearhead offers a unique approach to optimization, focusing on data-driven decision-making, user-centric design, and experimentation. Clearhead has worked with some of the world’s most recognizable brands, including Adidas, Honda, and Google.

3. SparkCognition:

SparkCognition is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that specializes in machine learning and predictive analytics.

SparkCognition’s AI solutions are used to optimize business operations, prevent cyber threats, and improve decision-making. The company has won numerous awards for its innovative technology and has been recognized as one of the top AI startups in the world.

4. Zengistics:

Zengistics is a logistics technology company that provides real-time freight management solutions.

Zengistics helps companies streamline their supply chain operations and reduce their shipping costs. Zengistics has a strong focus on customer service and has been recognized as one of the top freight brokers in the United States.

5. Tenfold:

Tenfold is a customer experience platform that helps companies provide exceptional service to their customers.

Tenfold integrates with various CRM systems to provide real-time insights into customer interactions, enabling businesses to personalize their customer service and increase customer satisfaction. Tenfold has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.

6. ePatientFinder:

ePatientFinder is a healthcare technology company that helps doctors and researchers connect with patients who may be eligible for clinical trials.

ePatientFinder’s platform uses advanced algorithms to match patients with trials based on their medical history and demographic information. ePatientFinder has been recognized for its contributions to the healthcare industry and is a member of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS).

7. RigUp:

RigUp is a technology platform that connects oil and gas companies with skilled workers.

RigUp helps companies find qualified contractors and freelancers and provides a streamlined payment process. RigUp has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States and has raised over $100 million in funding.

8. SocialCare by Health Symmetric, Inc.:

SocialCare is a social media analytics platform that helps healthcare organizations monitor and improve their online reputation.

SocialCare’s platform analyzes social media conversations and reviews to identify areas of improvement and provide actionable insights. SocialCare has been recognized for its innovative technology and is praised for its ability to improve patient satisfaction.

9. eRelevance Corporation:

eRelevance Corporation is a digital marketing company that helps small businesses increase their customer engagement and revenue.

eRelevance uses advanced marketing automation technology to personalize messages and improve customer loyalty. eRelevance has won numerous awards for its marketing solutions and has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing companies in the United States.

10. Everfest:

Everfest is a festival discovery and planning platform that helps music lovers and festival-goers find their next event.

Everfest’s platform offers insights into the best festivals around the world and provides tools to help you plan your trip. Everfest has been recognized for its contributions to the music and festival industry and has been featured in publications like Rolling Stone, Billboard, and TechCrunch.


Austin, Texas is home to some of the world’s most innovative and dynamic companies. Whether you’re looking for a job in education, digital marketing, healthcare, or logistics, there are plenty of opportunities to grow and succeed in Austin.

These top 10 companies demonstrate the diverse range of industries and expertise that are available in Austin, making it an excellent destination for both job seekers and business owners alike. 3) Clearhead:

Clearhead is a data-driven tech company that specializes in testing and innovative design to improve website and app performance.

The company was founded in 2012 by former executives from Adobe and Dell and has since grown to become one of the most respected digital optimization agencies in the industry. Clearhead’s mission is to help companies optimize their digital experiences for their customers.

At its core, Clearhead is a data-driven company that relies on hard evidence and empirical data to make informed decisions. The company’s approach is based on the principles of experimentation and iteration, which enables Clearhead to improve website and app performance continually.

The company’s team of designers, developers, and data analysts work collaboratively to identify the best solutions for their clients. One of Clearhead’s core services is conversion rate optimization (CRO).

CRO involves testing various design elements and strategies to improve website and app performance. By analyzing user behavior data, Clearhead can identify pain points and areas of improvement in a customer’s digital journey.

This helps companies to create optimal user experiences that lead to more conversions, increased customer engagement, and higher revenue. Clearhead’s team of testing experts are proficient in using various tools and technologies to collect user data and generate insights.

Some of the tools that Clearhead uses include Google Analytics, Optimizely, and Visual Website Optimizer. By collecting and analyzing this data, Clearhead can accurately identify user behavior patterns and implement targeted optimization strategies that are proven to work.

Clearhead is also known for its innovative design approach. The company’s design team is made up of experts in UX/UI design, graphic design, and branding.

The designers work collaboratively with the data analysts to create optimized designs that cater to the specific needs of the customers. The company’s design approach prioritizes user-centered design, which ensures that the final product is tailored to the users’ needs and preferences.

Clearhead’s success is due in large part to its data-driven approach and collaborative team culture. The company is committed to helping businesses achieve their goals by providing the highest quality digital optimization services.

4) SparkCognition:

SparkCognition is an artificial intelligence (AI) startup that specializes in machine learning and predictive analytics. The company’s mission is to build cutting-edge AI solutions that help businesses make data-driven decisions and prevent cyber threats.

SparkCognition was founded in 2013 in Austin, Texas, and has since grown to become one of the most innovative and respected AI startups in the world. SparkCognition’s AI solutions are designed to help businesses across various industries to harness the power of big data.

By analyzing massive amounts of data, SparkCognition’s technology can identify patterns, trends, and anomalies that are invisible to the human eye. This enables businesses to make informed decisions that are based on hard evidence, rather than assumption or guesswork.

Cybersecurity is one of the core industries that SparkCognition specializes in. The company’s advanced AI technology can predict data breaches and other cyber attacks before they happen.

By identifying and analyzing subtle patterns in network traffic, SparkCognition’s technology can detect potential threats and provide real-time alerts. This helps businesses to proactively prevent cyber attacks and protect their sensitive data.

SparkCognition’s AI solutions are also used to optimize business operations. The company’s technology can predict equipment failures and machine downtime, allowing businesses to plan maintenance schedules more efficiently.

This minimizes downtime and reduces maintenance costs, leading to increased productivity and higher revenue. Another area that SparkCognition specializes in is predictive maintenance.

By analyzing sensor, log, and maintenance data, SparkCognition’s technology can predict equipment failures before they happen. This allows businesses to take preventative action, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Additionally, predictive maintenance helps businesses extend the lifespans of their assets, leading to higher ROI. SparkCognition’s success is due in large part to its innovative AI solutions and its talented team of data scientists and engineers.

The company’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve in terms of technology and innovation has earned them a reputation as a leading AI startup in the industry. 5) Zengistics:

Zengistics is a transportation and freight management company that provides real-time freight management solutions to businesses.

The company’s mission is to enable businesses to reduce their shipping costs and streamline their logistics operations. Through its proprietary technology platform, Zengistics leverages new technology to provide customers with an innovative and efficient approach to freight management.

One of the core services that Zengistics provides is freight brokerage. The company connects businesses with qualified freight carriers, negotiating rates and handling all the logistics involved in moving goods from one location to another.

Zengistics takes a technology-driven approach to freight brokerage, leveraging data and analytics to identify the most cost-effective and efficient shipping solutions. Another area that Zengistics specializes in is transportation management.

The company works with businesses to analyze their supply chain operations, identify areas of inefficiency, and implement solutions that optimize their transportation processes. By improving transportation management, businesses can reduce shipping costs, improve delivery times, and ultimately improve their overall profitability.

Zengistics also offers specialized logistics solutions, such as temperature-controlled shipping for perishable goods and hazardous materials transportation. This enables businesses across a wide range of industries to tailor their logistics solutions to their unique needs.

In addition to its innovative technology platform, Zengistics is known for its customer-centric approach. The company’s team of logistics experts works closely with customers to understand their needs and develop customized solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Zengistics places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and has built a reputation for providing top-quality logistics services and support. Overall, Zengistics is a leading transportation and freight management company that is dedicated to leveraging new technology to optimize logistics operations.

Its innovative approach, customer-centric focus, and commitment to providing cost-effective solutions have made it an industry leader in the logistics and transportation sector. 6) Tenfold:

Tenfold is a sales platform that helps businesses improve their revenue building efforts by delivering a superior customer experience.

The company’s mission is to help businesses connect more effectively with their customers, streamline their sales processes, and ultimately drive more profitable growth. Tenfold has built a reputation for its user-friendly interface, data-driven insights, and focus on customer success.

One of the core services that Tenfold provides is call intelligence. The company integrates with various communication systems, such as phone, email, and chat, to provide real-time data and insights into customer interactions.

This enables businesses to analyze call data, track performance metrics, and optimize their sales processes. Another area that Tenfold specializes in is sales automation.

The company offers advanced automation tools that enable businesses to automate repetitive sales tasks, such as data entry and lead tracking. This frees up sales reps’ time to focus on high-value activities, such as building relationships with customers and closing deals.

Tenfold also provides a range of analytical tools, such as performance tracking, sales forecasting, and data visualization. By providing businesses with real-time insights into their sales processes, Tenfold enables them to make more informed decisions.

This helps businesses to optimize their sales strategies and maximize their revenue potential. In addition to its technology platform, Tenfold is known for its focus on customer success.

The company’s team of sales experts works closely with customers to understand their needs and develop customized solutions that meet their specific requirements. Tenfold places a strong emphasis on training and support, ensuring that customers are equipped to get the most out of the platform.

Overall, Tenfold is a leading sales platform that is dedicated to improving the customer experience and driving profitable growth. Its commitment to providing advanced technology solutions, data-driven insights, and customer success support has made it a top choice for businesses across a wide range of industries.

7) ePatientFinder:

ePatientFinder is a healthcare technology company that specializes in assisting patients with chronic diseases in connecting with doctors and researchers for clinical trials. The company’s mission is to improve patient outcomes and accelerate medical research by facilitating the matching of eligible patients to clinical trial opportunities.

ePatientFinder leverages advanced algorithms and data analytics to identify potential matches based on patients’ medical history and demographic information. One of the core services that ePatientFinder provides is patient identification and enrollment for clinical trials.

The company’s advanced technology platform analyzes electronic health records (EHRs) and other healthcare data sources to identify patients who may be eligible for specific clinical trials. By automating the patient identification process, ePatientFinder reduces the time and effort required to connect eligible patients with relevant trials, expediting the research and development of new treatments.

In addition to patient identification, ePatientFinder offers patient engagement and communication tools to facilitate the enrollment process. The company provides personalized outreach to eligible patients, ensuring they are informed about the available clinical trials and understand the potential benefits and risks.

By providing education and support, ePatientFinder helps patients make informed decisions about their participation in clinical trials. ePatientFinder’s technology platform also enables doctors and researchers to efficiently manage and track patients’ participation in clinical trials.

The platform streamlines communication between healthcare providers and patients, facilitating a seamless flow of information. This enhances the coordination of care and enables researchers to collect accurate and timely data, which is crucial for the success of clinical trials.

Overall, ePatientFinder is at the forefront of leveraging technology to improve the patient experience and enhance the efficiency of clinical research. By simplifying the process of identifying and enrolling eligible patients in clinical trials, ePatientFinder contributes to the development of new treatments and therapies for chronic diseases.

8) RigUp:

RigUp is a procurement and bidding platform that specifically caters to the needs of oil and gas companies. The company’s mission is to transform the way the industry connects and transacts, providing a streamlined and efficient approach to procurement and project management.

RigUp offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services that help oil and gas companies find qualified contractors, manage projects, and facilitate collaboration between different stakeholders. One of the core services that RigUp provides is contractor sourcing and management.

Oil and gas companies can use the platform to access a vast network of qualified contractors, enabling them to find the right professionals for their specific project needs. RigUp verifies the credentials and qualifications of contractors, ensuring that companies have access to a pool of skilled and reliable talent.

RigUp also offers project management tools that enable oil and gas companies to effectively track and monitor progress. The platform provides features such as task assignment, progress tracking, and communication tools that facilitate collaboration between team members and contractors.

By streamlining project management processes, RigUp helps companies optimize their operations and improve overall efficiency. Another key aspect of RigUp’s platform is the bidding and negotiation process.

The platform allows companies to post projects and receive bids from contractors, creating a competitive environment that encourages fair pricing and quality workmanship. RigUp’s platform simplifies the bidding process, saving companies valuable time and resources.

Additionally, RigUp provides tools for compliance management and workforce safety. The platform ensures that contractors meet industry standards and regulatory requirements, minimizing risks related to non-compliance.

RigUp’s focus on safety and compliance helps companies maintain a secure work environment and avoid potential legal and financial consequences. RigUp’s dedication to meeting the unique needs of the oil and gas industry and its commitment to providing a user-friendly and efficient platform have made it a trusted partner for companies in the sector.

By digitizing and simplifying procurement and project management processes, RigUp contributes to the overall productivity and success of oil and gas operations. 9) SocialCare by Health Symmetric, Inc.:

SocialCare by Health Symmetric, Inc.

is a healthcare software platform that specializes in providing access to data science and technology to improve online reputation management for healthcare organizations. The company’s mission is to help healthcare providers effectively monitor and manage their online presence, leading to enhanced patient satisfaction and improved outcomes.

By leveraging advanced analytics and technology, SocialCare enables healthcare organizations to stay connected with their patients and respond to their needs in real-time. One of the core services that SocialCare provides is social media analytics.

The platform uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze social media conversations and reviews related to healthcare providers. This enables organizations to gain insights into patient experiences, sentiments, and preferences.

By monitoring and analyzing this data, healthcare organizations can identify areas of improvement and take appropriate action to enhance patient satisfaction. Additionally, SocialCare offers reputation management tools that streamline the process of managing online reviews and feedback.

The platform provides a centralized platform for healthcare providers to monitor and respond to online reviews, allowing them to address patients’ concerns promptly and publicly showcase their commitment to patient satisfaction. By actively engaging with patients through social media channels, healthcare organizations can build trust and loyalty, ultimately leading to increased patient engagement and retention.

Furthermore, SocialCare’s platform provides healthcare organizations with access to data science and technology. This allows providers to leverage the power of advanced analytics to gain valuable insights.

The technology enables healthcare organizations to track key performance metrics, identify trends, and benchmark their online reputation against industry standards. By utilizing data-driven decision-making, healthcare organizations can implement targeted strategies to improve their online reputation and overall patient experience.

SocialCare’s commitment to empowering healthcare organizations with cutting-edge technology extends to its dedication to data security and compliance. The platform ensures that patient data privacy is protected and aligns with industry regulations, such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

This focus on data security and compliance provides peace of mind to healthcare organizations and fosters trust among patients. Overall, SocialCare by Health Symmetric, Inc.

is a leading healthcare software platform that equips healthcare organizations with the necessary tools and technology to effectively manage their online reputation. By harnessing the power of data science and analytics, SocialCare empowers providers to enhance patient satisfaction, improve online presence, and drive continuous improvement in the healthcare industry.

10) eRelevance Corporation:

eRelevance Corporation is a marketing automation service provider that specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) increase customer engagement and revenue. The company’s mission is to empower SMBs with the same level of marketing sophistication as large enterprises, enabling them to compete in today’s digitized marketplace.

eRelevance’s marketing automation technology simplifies and streamlines the marketing process, allowing SMBs to focus on what they do best while delivering personalized, targeted marketing campaigns. One of the primary services eRelevance offers is personalized messaging.

The platform utilizes advanced marketing automation technology to segment customer databases and tailor marketing messages to specific customer segments. This ensures that each customer receives relevant and personalized communications, increasing the likelihood of engagement and conversion.

eRelevance allows SMBs to deliver customized campaigns through various channels, such as email, text messaging, and social media, providing a multi-channel approach to marketing automation. In addition to personalized messaging, eRelevance provides SMBs with access to comprehensive marketing analytics.

The platform tracks and measures the success of marketing campaigns, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This data-driven approach enables SMBs to refine their marketing strategies and optimize their return on investment (ROI).

By leveraging data analytics, eRelevance enables SMBs to make informed marketing decisions and continually improve their marketing performance. eRelevance’s platform also offers features such as customer retention and customer acquisition campaigns.

The platform helps SMBs engage with existing customers and encourages repeat purchases through loyalty programs, exclusive offers, and personalized incentives. Simultaneously, eRelevance supports SMBs in acquiring new customers by optimizing lead generation campaigns and targeting prospective customers through data-driven segmentation strategies.

Moreover, eRelevance’s marketing automation technology simplifies campaign management for SMBs. The user-friendly interface allows businesses to easily create, schedule, and deploy marketing campaigns. The platform provides pre-built templates and customizable content, making it easy for SMBs to create professional, visually appealing marketing materials without the need for extensive design expertise.

eRelevance’s commitment to customer success extends to its world-class support team. SMBs have access to dedicated account managers who provide guidance, best practices, and ongoing support to ensure that businesses get the most out of the platform.

This personalized support helps SMBs maximize their marketing efforts and achieve their business goals. In conclusion, eRelevance Corporation offers a comprehensive marketing automation service that empowers SMBs to compete effectively in a digital marketplace.

By providing access to advanced marketing technology, personalized messaging, comprehensive analytics, and dedicated support, eRelevance enables SMBs to enhance customer engagement, drive revenue growth, and establish a strong online presence. 11) Everfest:

Everfest is a festival technology start-up that aims to connect festival-goers, event organizers, and vendors on a single platform.

The company’s mission is to enhance the festival experience by providing a seamless and comprehensive resource for all festival needs. Everfest allows users to discover, plan, and engage with festivals around the world, while also helping vendors and event organizers streamline their operations.

One of the primary services that Everfest offers is festival discovery. The platform features an extensive database of festivals across various genres, including music, art, food, and cultural festivals.

Users can search for festivals based on location, date, and category, providing a convenient way to explore new festivals or find their favorites. Everfest’s robust festival profiles provide detailed information on lineup, activities, ticketing, and more, enabling users to make informed decisions about which festivals to attend.

In addition to festival discovery, Everfest helps festival-goers plan their experiences. The platform offers tools for creating personalized festival schedules, allowing users to save and track their favorite performances, workshops, and activities.

This feature helps attendees navigate the festival grounds efficiently and ensure they don’t miss out on their must-see acts or experiences. Everfest also provides resources on transportation, accommodations, and general festival tips to further assist in the planning process.

Everfest’s platform goes beyond the attendee experience and extends to the festival industry itself. The company offers services for event organizers, providing tools to streamline ticketing, promotion, and communication with festival-goers.

By using Everfest’s platform, organizers can reach a wider audience, increase ticket sales, and enhance overall attendee satisfaction. Additionally, the platform facilitates vendor connections, allowing businesses to showcase their products or services at festivals and connect with engaged festival-goers.

Everfest’s dedication to being a comprehensive festival resource extends to its commitment to community engagement. The platform fosters a vibrant festival community by enabling users to share experiences, post reviews, and connect with fellow festival enthusiasts.

This creates a sense of belonging and cultivates a supportive network for both attendees and industry professionals. Furthermore, Everfest takes pride in promoting sustainability and ethical practices within the festival industry.

The company actively supports initiatives to reduce waste, promote eco-friendly practices, and encourage cultural preservation. Everfest’s platform features festivals and vendors that prioritize sustainability and conscious consumerism, allowing users to make informed choices that align with their values.

Overall, Everfest is a festival technology start-up that connects festival-goers, event organizers, and vendors on a single platform. By providing a comprehensive resource for all festival needs, Everfest enhances the overall festival experience, making it easier for attendees to discover, plan, and engage with festivals worldwide.

12) Conclusion and Additional Reading:

In conclusion, Austin, Texas is a city bustling with innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, and a vibrant tech scene. The top 10 companies highlighted in this article are just a snapshot of the exciting opportunities available in Austin’s job market.

Whether you’re interested in education, digital optimization, artificial intelligence, logistics, customer experience, healthcare technology, marketing automation, transportation, festival technology, or any other industry, Austin offers a diverse range of companies that are at the forefront of their respective fields. To further explore career opportunities and gain insights into other industries in Texas, here are some additional reading suggestions:


“10 Best Healthcare Companies to Work for in Houston”: This article delves into the top healthcare companies in Houston, providing an overview of the industry and highlighting employers known for their commitment to employee satisfaction and growth. 2.

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“100 Highest Paying Jobs in Austin”: This article provides a comprehensive list of the highest paying jobs in Austin, allowing job seekers to explore lucrative career options in the city. 4.

“Best States for Women Who Own Businesses”: If you’re a female entrepreneur looking to start or expand your business, this article examines the best states for women-owned businesses, highlighting Texas as a promising location. By immersing yourself in these additional readings, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the job market in Texas and expand your knowledge of various industries, further enhancing your career prospects and overall professional development.

In conclusion, Austin, Texas is a thriving hub of innovative companies that offer exciting job opportunities across various industries. The top 10 companies discussed in this article exemplify the city’s diverse and vibrant job market, ranging from education and digital optimization to artificial intelligence and logistics.

These companies prioritize employee satisfaction, customer success, and the integration of cutting-edge technology to drive growth and innovation. Whether you’re seeking a career in healthcare, marketing, transportation, or festival technology, Austin provides a fertile ground for professional growth and advancement.

By exploring the opportunities in Austin’s dynamic job market, individuals can join the ranks of these top companies and shape the future of their chosen industry.

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