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The Salty Snack Boom: How Major Companies Are Capitalizing on the Rising Snacking Trend

Rise in Snacking Habits and Salty Snack Market

The world has witnessed a significant rise in snacking habits, and the salty snack market is growing at an unprecedented rate. According to a recent survey, 60% of adults snack during the day, and this trend has been compounded by the pandemic’s realities.

Increase in snacking habits during the pandemic

The pandemic has been a driving force in the rise of snacking habits globally. People are staying at home more, and this has led to an increase in the frequency of snacking.

With kitchen pantries being next to work-from-home setups, the availability of snacks has become more significant. Additionally, the pandemic has taken a toll on individuals, and snacking serves as a comfort tool to help deal with stress and anxiety.

It’s a quick way to feel good and get an instant mood boost during uncertain times.

Growth and profitability of the global salty snack market

The salty snack market has been booming in recent times. Consumers are becoming more health-conscious and opting for healthier snack options like nuts, seeds, and popcorn.

However, traditional salty snacks like potato chips still maintain their popularity and account for a significant portion of the market share. The global salty snack market was worth $80.6 billion in 2020, and it’s projected to reach $108.27 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 6.1% from 2020 to 2025.

Moreover, the market’s growth is driven by factors like changing tastes, advancements in technology, and product innovations.

Preference for potato chips and popcorn

Potato chips and popcorn are some of the most popular salty snacks globally. Potato chips are a staple snack in many households, and the different flavors and textures appeal to a wide range of consumers.

On the other hand, popcorn has gained popularity as a healthier alternative to potato chips and has different variations like butter, caramel, and cheese. Moreover, potato chips and popcorn are readily available and can be found in supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, and vending machines.

Additionally, their affordable price points make them accessible to a broader demographic. Reasons for consuming salty snacks (energy, craving)

Salty snacks are consumed for a variety of reasons, from satisfying cravings to providing an energy boost.

A lot of people use salty snacks as a midday snack or to increase their energy levels when they feel sluggish. Moreover, athletes and sports enthusiasts consume salty snacks for their high sodium content, which helps with hydration and electrolyte balance.

Furthermore, many people crave salty snacks during stressful or emotional periods. Consuming salty snacks can help alleviate stress, reduce anxiety and boost mood as it stimulates the brain’s pleasure center (dopamine) and provides quick energy.


In conclusion, the rising snacking habit and the growth of the salty snack market show no signs of slowing down. They are becoming a way of life for many individuals and communities globally.

Companies that prioritize product innovations and market them effectively are reaping the benefits of this growing market. Moreover, it is important to make informed decisions while snacking and consider healthier dietary options like fruits, nuts, and seeds to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Major Companies in the Salty Snack Industry

The salty snack industry is a highly competitive global market, dominated by major industry players like Nestl and PepsiCo. These companies have invested heavily in research and development to cater to consumers’ changing tastes and are constantly introducing new snack products to meet the growing demand. Nestl’s Leading Position in the Snack Industry

Nestl holds a prominent position in the global snack market.

The company’s diverse product portfolio and strategic business moves have helped it maintain its leading position. Nestl’s globally recognized brands like KitKat, Smarties, and Aero, with products in more than 189 countries.

Additionally, the company has a strong reach in the salty snack market. Nestl has prioritized healthier snack options and has seen success with its expanded line of baked potato chips.

Furthermore, the company focuses on sustaining its sustainability mission by supporting farmers and making environmentally aware decisions. Thus, their brands will continue to gain popularity with customers looking to make a conscious buying decision.

PepsiCo’s Prominent Role in the Snack Market

PepsiCo is another significant player in the global snack market. The company has been in existence for over 50 years and has a diverse portfolio of snack food products like Fritos, Cheetos, and Tostitos.

PepsiCo’s snack offerings reach consumers in over 200 countries, making it one of the world’s most diversified global food and beverage leaders. Moreover, the company continues to innovate and has a strong focus on developing healthier snack options.

It has reduced the usage of sodium in its products and substituted it with healthier ingredients. PepsiCo also promotes healthier snacking options like whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Nestl’s Salty Snack Products

Nestl has an impressive lineup of salty snack products that appeal to a broad consumer base. The company has continually introduced new product innovations and improved its offerings to meet the changing tastes of consumers.

Some of Nestl’s most popular salty snack products include:

Variety of Nestl’s Salty Snack Offerings

1. Rolo Pretzels: A combination of salty pretzels and Rolo’s smooth caramel flavor.

They are perfect as an on-the-go snack or as an accompaniment to a tasty beverage. 2.

Crunchy Nut: These are the perfect crunchy and savory snack that is combined with the sweetness of roasted nuts. These peanut-like snacks are delicious and contain protein and healthy fats.

3. Aero Minis: This product is perfect for people who want to indulge in a sweet and salty snack combo.

The chocolate-covered wafers are filled with a fluffy and light filling, creating an exciting taste sensation. Global Distribution of Nestl’s Sodium-Rich Snack Products

Nestl’s sodium-rich products are sold all over the world, and they are popular with consumers who enjoy savory flavors and snacks.

Moreover, their portfolio also includes popcorn, potato chips, and mixed nuts and their distribution is executed with the utmost care and attention. However, Nestl has been criticized for its use of sodium in several snack options, as it poses a threat to people with hypertension and other health problems, but the company continues to monitor its sodium usage carefully.


Overall, Nestl and PepsiCo are prominent players in the salty snack industry, with diverse product portfolios that cater to different taste preferences and dietary needs. The continuous innovation and introduction of new products highlight their commitment to meeting consumers’ changing preferences.

However, it is important to make informed decisions while snacking and to opt for healthier alternatives to ensure a balanced and healthy diet. PepsiCo’s Salty Snack Brands

PepsiCo has a wide range of salty snack brands that cater to the ever-changing tastes of consumers.

The company’s portfolio includes some of the most popular and iconic snack brands in the world. PepsiCo brands are diverse, but they have one thing in common: their commitment to creating innovative snack options that provide delicious taste and health benefits.

Wide Range of Salty Snack Brands Owned by PepsiCo

PepsiCo owns some of the most prominent salty snack brands globally. Under the umbrella of Frito-Lay, the company has a loyal following amongst potato chip and corn enthusiasts.

Some of the most popular brands like Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos, and Ruffles have a worldwide reputation. However, its organic foods brand, Bare Snacks, is making strides within the market.

Furthermore, the company is continually making its line of snack products healthier by reducing trans fats and sodium levels in its products. They have also started incorporating healthier ingredients like grains, nuts, and seeds and have thus expanded their customer base across all age groups.

Types of Salty Snacks Offered by PepsiCo

PepsiCo’s salty snack offerings span across a wide variety of snack categories. The corn-based snacks category includes products like Cheetos, Lays, and Fritos, while the potato-based category includes Lay’s and Ruffles.

Besides, PepsiCo has started venturing into alternative protein offerings, like quinoa chips and pinto beans. Moreover, the company offers a wide range of nuts and seeds-based snacks, including pistachios, harvest nuts, and chia seed crunch.

The snacks are packed with protein, healthy fat, and fiber and are well-suited for people looking for healthier snack options. Mars’ Salty Snack Brands

Mars is a leading global food company known for its confectionery products such as M&M’s, Snickers, and Twix.

However, it also has a range of salty snacks offerings that are gaining in popularity. The company has committed resources to creating healthier options with lower rates of trans fats and reduced sodium levels.

Mars’ Commitment to Health and Nutrition

Mars’ commitment to health and nutrition is reflected in its snack products. They offer a wide range of healthy snack options under its “Better Snacking” initiative that promotes healthy living and active lifestyles.

Moreover, Mars is committed to minimizing its impact on the environment and has set aggressive sustainability goals. Mars’ Diverse Range of Salty Snack Products

Mars’ salty snack offerings are diverse and cater to different tastes and preferences.

One of the most popular brands is its M&Ms brand, which has a range of savory flavors to go along with its famous candy. Companies within the Mars family also curate flavors of potato chips, popcorn, peanuts, and corn-based snacks.

Mars is also venturing into the alternative protein market with its range of vegan plant-based protein bars, made from almond butter and pea protein. This offering caters to vegan consumers and those looking for healthier alternatives to traditional snack options.


In conclusion, PepsiCo and Mars are prominent players in the salty snack industry, with diverse product portfolios that cater to different taste preferences and dietary needs. The companies’ continuous innovation and introduction of new products highlight their commitment to meeting consumers’ changing preferences.

However, it is important to make informed decisions while snacking and to opt for healthier alternatives to ensure a balanced and healthy diet. Mondelz International’s Salty Snack Brands

Mondelz International is a global leader in the snack industry, with a diverse portfolio of brands that cater to different taste preferences and snack occasions.

The company’s international presence and commitment to sustainability and local communities make it a significant player in the salty snack market.

International Presence and Product Range of Mondelz International

Mondelz International’s products are enjoyed by consumers in over 150 countries worldwide. The company’s impressive international presence is bolstered by its iconic brands, which have become household names globally.

Some of Mondelz International’s popular salty snack brands include Oreo, Ritz, Triscuit, Wheat Thins, and Sour Patch Kids. The company’s broad product range ensures that it caters to diverse snacking preferences.

Whether you’re in the mood for a sweet treat like Oreo cookies or a savory snack like Ritz crackers, Mondelz International has a brand that suits your cravings. This extensive product range allows the company to capture a significant market share globally.

Mondelz International’s Commitment to Sustainability and Local Communities

Mondelz International is committed to sustainability and making a positive impact on local communities. The company has set ambitious sustainability goals to reduce its environmental impact, focusing on areas like waste management, energy consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions.

Moreover, Mondelz International is actively involved in supporting local communities through various initiatives. For instance, the company has launched programs to empower women cocoa farmers and improve their livelihoods in cocoa-producing regions.

By partnering with local farmers and empowering them to adopt sustainable practices, Mondelz International ensures a more sustainable and ethical supply chain. Kraft Heinz’s Salty Snack Brands

Kraft Heinz is a globally recognized food company with a diverse portfolio of brands that includes a range of popular salty snack options.

The company’s commitment to quality and innovation has made it a trusted name in the food industry. Kraft Heinz’s Range of Popular Salty Snack Brands

Kraft Heinz offers a variety of salty snack brands that have become staples in households around the world.

Some of its most popular brands include Planters, a brand known for its high-quality nuts and seeds, and Ore-Ida, which offers a range of frozen potato products like french fries and tater tots. The company also owns the renowned brand Philadelphia, which is known for its cream cheese spreads and dips.

Additionally, Kraft Heinz offers a range of cheese snacks under its various brands, including Cracker Barrel, Velveeta, and Kraft.

Diverse Food Products offered by Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz’s product portfolio extends beyond salty snacks. The company offers a diverse range of food products, including condiments, sauces, and ready-to-eat meals.

Its ketchup brand, Heinz, is a household name and one of the best-selling condiments globally. Kraft Heinz also owns iconic brands like Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, Oscar Mayer hot dogs and deli meats, and Maxwell House coffee.

Furthermore, Kraft Heinz has been adapting to changing consumer trends by expanding its product offerings to include healthier options. The company has introduced organic and natural versions of its popular brands, catering to the growing demand for healthier and more sustainable food choices.


Mondelz International and Kraft Heinz are major players in the salty snack industry, with a diverse range of brands that cater to different tastes and preferences. These companies’ international presence, commitment to sustainability, and involvement in local communities highlight their dedication to making a positive impact.

For consumers, this means having access to a wide variety of high-quality and innovative snack options. General Mills’ Salty Snack Brands

General Mills is a well-known food company that offers a wide variety of products, including a range of salty snack brands.

The company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted name in the industry. General Mills’ Wide Variety of Salty Snack Offerings

General Mills prides itself on offering a diverse range of salty snack products that cater to different taste preferences and snacking occasions.

Some of the company’s popular salty snack brands include Chex Mix, Bugles, Gardetto’s, and Nature Valley. Chex Mix is a beloved brand known for its unique mix of savory flavors like pretzels, cereal squares, and nuts.

Bugles are crispy and cone-shaped snacks that are perfect for dipping or enjoying on their own. Gardetto’s offers a delicious blend of pretzels, rye chips, breadsticks, and other savory ingredients that make it a popular choice for snacking.

Nature Valley, although primarily known for its granola bars and snacks, also offers savory options like Roasted Nut Crunch Bars. These bars are packed with almonds, peanuts, and sunflower seeds, making them a nutritious and satisfying salty snack option.

These brands offer a wide variety of textures and flavors, catering to different preferences and providing consumers with an array of choices for their snacking needs. General Mills’ Global Presence and Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

General Mills has a global presence, ensuring its products are available to consumers across different countries.

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its dedication to producing high-quality snacks that meet consumers’ expectations. General Mills has invested in research and development to continually innovate and improve its products, focusing on taste, nutrition, and convenience.

The company listens to consumer feedback and incorporates it into product development, ensuring that its snacks align with consumers’ desires. Furthermore, General Mills has implemented sustainable practices throughout its supply chain, reducing its environmental impact and promoting responsible sourcing.

This commitment to sustainability not only benefits the planet but also resonates with consumers who prioritize purchasing from environmentally conscious brands. Kellogg’s Salty Snack Brands

Kellogg’s is a well-known food company famous for its breakfast cereal brands like Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, and Frosted Flakes.

However, Kellogg’s also offers a range of popular salty snack products that cater to snack-loving consumers. Kellogg’s Well-Known Cereal Brands

Kellogg’s breakfast cereal brands are household names, enjoyed by millions of people around the world.

Brands like Corn Flakes, Rice Krispies, and Special K are known for their iconic taste and nutritional value. Although these are primarily breakfast options, many consumers also enjoy them as a crunchy snack throughout the day.

Kellogg’s Range of Popular Salty Snack Products

In addition to its cereal brands, Kellogg’s offers a variety of tasty and convenient salty snack products. One of its popular brands is Cheez-It, which offers a range of cheesy, crispy crackers.

Cheez-It crackers are available in various flavors, making them a versatile snack option. Kellogg’s also owns the Pringles brand, which is known for its stackable potato chips in a distinctive cylindrical can.

Pringles come in a wide variety of flavors and have a loyal following worldwide. Moreover, Kellogg’s offers a range of wholesome snack bars under its Nutri-Grain brand, providing consumers with a convenient and nutritious option for on-the-go snacking.


General Mills and Kellogg’s are prominent food companies that have expanded their product offerings beyond their well-known cereal brands to include a range of salty snack options. These companies’ commitment to quality, global presence, and customer satisfaction has solidified their positions in the industry.

Consumers can enjoy a wide variety of flavorful and convenient salty snacks from these trusted brands, catering to different tastes and preferences. Ferrero’s Salty Snack Brands

Ferrero is a renowned global confectionery company known for its iconic chocolate products.

However, the company has expanded its offerings to include a range of salty snacks, broadening its appeal and catering to different snacking preferences. Ferrero’s Iconic Chocolate Products

Ferrero is renowned for its luxurious and indulgent chocolate products.

Brands like Ferrero Rocher, Kinder, and Nutella have become household names, loved by consumers worldwide. These chocolates offer a unique blend of flavors and textures, making them a delightful treat for chocolate lovers of all ages.

Ferrero Rocher, with its elegant packaging and hazelnut-filled chocolate balls, is a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Kinder chocolates, specifically designed for children, offer a variety of products like Kinder Surprise eggs and Kinder Bueno, providing a playful and enjoyable experience.

Nutella, a beloved hazelnut spread, has gained immense popularity and is a staple in breakfasts and snacks around the world. Its creamy texture and rich flavor make it a versatile ingredient for spreading on bread, adding to desserts, or simply enjoying by the spoonful.

Ferrero’s Expansion into Salty Snack Offerings

While Ferrero is most widely recognized for its chocolate products, the company has expanded into the salty snack market to cater to consumers’ diverse snacking preferences. One of its notable salty snack brands is Tic Tac, which offers small, mint-flavored candies that provide a refreshing burst of flavor.

Tic Tac has various flavors and is conveniently packaged, making it a popular shareable snack option. In recent years, Ferrero has also acquired other salty snack brands like Keebler Cookies and Famous Amos, adding a range of cookies and baked goods to its portfolio.

These products complement Ferrero’s existing offerings and provide consumers with a wider selection of snacks to choose from. Ferrero’s commitment to quality and taste remains evident in its expansion into the salty snack category.

The company strives to provide consumers with enjoyable and satisfying snacking experiences, whether they prefer sweet or savory flavors. Grupo Bimbo’s Salty Snack Brands

Grupo Bimbo is a major player in the global baking industry, offering an extensive range of products under various brands.

While the company is primarily known for its bread and bakery items, it also has a selection of salty snack brands that have gained popularity among consumers. Grupo Bimbo’s Extensive Range of Products and Brands

Grupo Bimbo boasts an extensive range of products and brands that cater to different snacking preferences.

Its portfolio includes well-known bread brands like Bimbo, Sara Lee, and Thomas’ English Muffins. The company also produces a variety of sweet snacks and pastries such as Entenmann’s Donuts and Oroweat Cakes.

In terms of salty snacks, Grupo Bimbo owns brands like Ricolino, Barcel, and Takis. Ricolino offers a range of savory treats, including flavored popcorn, potato chips, and mixed snacks.

Barcel specializes in a variety of Mexican-inspired snacks like Que Rica Vida chips and churritos. Takis, recognized for its rolled tortilla chips in bold and spicy flavors, has gained a strong following globally.

Bimbo’s Global Reach and Market Presence

Grupo Bimbo has a significant global reach, with operations in over 30 countries across four continents. The company’s products are enjoyed by millions of consumers around the world, making it one of the largest baking companies globally.

Grupo Bimbo’s success can be attributed to its commitment to creating high-quality products and meeting consumer demands. The company continuously invests in research and development to innovate its offerings and ensure that its products align with ever-changing consumer preferences.

Through strategic acquisitions and partnerships, Grupo Bimbo has expanded its market presence and diversified its product portfolio. The company’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility also contributes to its positive reputation and global success.


Ferrero and Grupo Bimbo are dynamic companies that have expanded their product offerings to include a range of salty snacks. While Ferrero’s expansion has seen the inclusion of brands like Tic Tac and cookies, Grupo Bimbo has a diverse portfolio that includes savory snacks like Ricolino, Barcel, and Takis.

These companies’ commitment to quality, taste, and meeting consumer demands has enabled them to thrive in the competitive snack market and cater to varying snacking preferences and occasions worldwide. Conagra Brands’ Salty Snack Brands

Conagra Brands is a well-known food company that offers a wide variety of products, including a range of popular snack brands.

The company’s commitment to quality, taste, and convenience has made it a trusted name in the industry. Conagra Brands’ Popular Snack Brands

Conagra Brands owns several popular snack brands that have become favorites among consumers.

One of the most iconic brands in their portfolio is Slim Jim, known for its meat snack sticks that provide a tasty and convenient on-the-go snacking option. Slim Jim offers various flavors and sizes to cater to different preferences.

Another well-known brand under Conagra Brands is Snack Pack, which offers single-serving, ready-to-eat pudding cups. These creamy, indulgent treats have been enjoyed by people of all ages and are a staple in lunchboxes and snack times.

Additionally, Conagra Brands owns brands like David Seeds, Andy Capp’s, and Van de Kamp’s, each offering unique and flavorsome snacks. David Seeds provides a variety of flavorful and crunchy sunflower seed snacks, while Andy Capp’s offers crunchy and bold-flavored fries.

Van de Kamp’s offers a range of seafood-inspired snacks like fish sticks and fish fillets. Conagra Brands’ Commitment to Providing Quick and Easy Snacks

Conagra Brands is dedicated to providing consumers with quick and easy snacking solutions that fit into their busy lifestyles.

The company understands that convenience is a crucial factor for many consumers when choosing snacks, especially for those seeking on-the-go options. Conagra Brands’ snack brands are designed to provide convenient and hassle-free snacking experiences.

Whether it’s grabbing a Slim Jim on the way out the door or enjoying a Snack Pack during a break, these snacks are tailored to meet the needs of busy individuals. Furthermore, Conagra Brands emphasizes the importance of quality ingredients and taste, ensuring that consumers can enjoy flavorful snacks without compromising on convenience.

The company focuses on product innovation by introducing new flavors and formats that resonate with contemporary consumer preferences. Conagra Brands is committed to continually enhancing its product offerings to meet evolving snacking trends and consumer demands.

The company regularly conducts consumer research to understand changing tastes and preferences, enabling them to introduce new and exciting snack options.


Conagra Brands’ range of popular snack brands reflects their commitment to providing consumers with convenient and delicious snacking options. Whether it’s the savory and satisfying Slim Jim, the indulgent Snack Pack puddings, or the flavorful sunflower seeds from David Seeds, Conagra Brands ensures that their snacks are high in quality and offer a convenient snacking experience.

Furthermore, Conagra Brands recognizes the importance of meeting the needs of busy individuals by providing quick and easy snack options that fit seamlessly into their lifestyles. For consumers who prioritize convenience without compromising on taste and quality, Conagra Brands’ snack brands offer a variety of flavorful and satisfying choices.

In conclusion, the salty snack industry is thriving, driven by the rise in snacking habits and consumer preferences. Major companies like Nestl, PepsiCo, Mars, Kraft Heinz, General Mills, Kellogg’s, Ferrero, Grupo Bimbo, and Conagra Brands have all capitalized on this trend by offering a wide variety of salty snack options to cater to different tastes and lifestyles.

These companies have demonstrated their commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that snack lovers have an abundance of choices for their snacking needs. Whether it’s indulging in chocolate treats, enjoying crispy potato chips, or opting for healthier alternatives, the salty snack industry continues to evolve and offer something for everyone.

As consumers, it is important to make informed choices and strike a balance between indulgence and health. So, go ahead and enjoy your favorite salty snacks, but remember to savor them in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

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