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The Las Vegas Job Market: High-Paying Professions and Growing Opportunities

Las Vegas is known for its glitz, glamour, and abundance of job opportunities. However, not all jobs in Las Vegas are created equal.

Some professions offer more lucrative salaries and better job security than others. In this article, we will discuss the highest-paying jobs in Las Vegas, with a focus on the top 10 highest-paying jobs, dentists’ salaries, and related articles on the best and fastest-growing jobs in Nevada.

Additionally, we will provide information on data sources, data sets, and release dates for those interested in deeper analysis. Highest Paying Jobs in Las Vegas: Top 10

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physicians, dentists, lawyers, and pharmacists are among the highest-paying jobs in Las Vegas.

Here are the top 10 highest-paying jobs in Las Vegas, along with their average annual salaries:

1. Anesthesiologists – $266,990


Surgeons – $253,650

3. Obstetricians and Gynecologists – $227,870


Internists, General – $223,320

5. Psychiatrists – $218,710


Family Medicine Physicians – $212,460

7. Physicians, All Other; and Ophthalmologists, Except Pediatric – $211,400


Chief Executives – $176,930

9. Pediatricians, General – $171,830


Dentists, General – $166,520

It’s worth noting that these salaries are well above the national average and reflect the high demand for healthcare professionals in Las Vegas. Dentists’ Salary

Among the highest-paying jobs in Las Vegas, dentists stand out as a well-paid profession.

Their average annual salary of $166,520 places them at number 10 on the top 10 highest-paying jobs list. Dentists play a critical role in maintaining oral health and alleviating dental problems.

With a growing population in Las Vegas, the demand for dental services is expected to increase, leading to more job opportunities for dentists. Related Articles: Best Jobs and Fastest Growing Jobs in Nevada

Aside from the highest-paying jobs in Las Vegas, several other jobs are worth considering for their competitive salaries and career growth potential.

The best jobs in Nevada are those that offer high wages, excellent benefits, and good job security. Some of the most in-demand jobs in Nevada include software developers, registered nurses, accountants and auditors, and physical therapists.

These professions offer good pay and provide opportunities for career advancement. Furthermore, they are considered the fastest-growing jobs in Nevada, with a projected growth rate ranging from 20% to 35% over the next decade.

Data Analysis

The Bureau of Labor Statistics is the primary source of data on employment and wages in the United States. The bureau collects data from hundreds of thousands of businesses and government agencies to create job market reports and analyses.

In March 2022, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released data on 523 job classifications in the United States, providing comprehensive information on wages, job growth, and employment trends. The data set is an essential resource for anyone researching job opportunities in Las Vegas or other parts of the United States.

Lowest Paying Jobs in Nevada

As important as it is to focus on the highest-paying jobs in Las Vegas, it’s also important to acknowledge the lowest-paying jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the lowest-paying jobs in Nevada include fast food workers, dishwashers, amusement park attendants, and cashiers.

These jobs pay less than the state’s average annual wage of $45,720 and are often associated with low job satisfaction and minimal benefits.


In conclusion, Las Vegas offers a wide range of job opportunities for those looking to start or advance their careers. However, it’s crucial to look at not only the highest-paying jobs but also those jobs that offer additional benefits such as job security and career growth potential.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides excellent resources for analyzing job markets and can be a valuable tool for job seekers and employers alike. Las Vegas is a hub of exciting careers and opportunities for professionals with diverse skill sets.

The city, known for its vibrant nightlife, high-energy casinos, and world-class entertainment venues, is also home to some of the highest-paying jobs in the United States. In this article, we will be discussing the top-paying jobs in Las Vegas, breaking them down into two categories; the top-paying jobs in Las Vegas and other jobs with high salaries.

Top Paying Jobs in Las Vegas

1. Physicians – Highest Paid

Physicians in Las Vegas are the highest-paid professionals with an average salary of over $200,000 per year.

This group includes all physicians and surgeons except obstetricians and gynecologists, pediatricians, and psychiatrists. 2.

Judges and Magistrates – Magistrate Judges, Magistrates

Judges and magistrates are next on the list of highest-paid professionals, with an average salary of over $180,000 per year. They usually preside over trials and other legal proceedings, interpret laws, and make important decisions that affect people’s lives and businesses.

3. Dentists – General

Dentists are regarded as the primary oral care professionals.

They examine patients’ teeth and gums, diagnose their dental conditions, and develop treatment plans. Their annual salary in Las Vegas averages around $150,000, making them one of the highest-paid professionals in the state.

4. Architectural and Engineering Managers

Engineers and architects manage and oversee different projects, including work for the government, other businesses, and private clients.

Their duties cover a wide range from developing building and construction plans, to report analysis and design. They average around $140,000 annually in Las Vegas.

5. Lawyers – Attorneys

Lawyers in Las Vegas make an average salary of over $130,000 per year.

They represent clients in legal disputes, offer legal advice, and help individuals navigate complex legal systems. Some work as advocates, litigators, or advisers, helping individuals and businesses interpret the law.

6. Pharmacists – Medications, Pharmacy

Pharmacists are responsible for preparing and dispensing medications to patients, checking for errors and harmful drug interactions, and providing advice on prescription medications.

Their average salary in Las Vegas is over $120,000 per year, making them one of the highest-paid professionals in the city. 7.

Physician Assistants – Medical Assistants

Physician assistants are responsible for a variety of patient care services and can perform medical histories, physical exams, and minor surgeries. They work in numerous healthcare environments, including outpatient clinics, hospitals, and physicians’ offices.

They earn, on average, a salary of over $120,000 per year in Las Vegas. 8.

Education Administrators – Postsecondary, Kindergarten through Secondary

Education administrators in Las Vegas make an excellent salary of over $116,000 per year. They manage secondary schools, colleges, and universities, overseeing various departments such as academic affairs and student services.

9. Health Specialties Teachers – Postsecondary

Health specialties teachers include professors of nursing, dentistry, medicine, pharmacy, public health, and other health-related disciplines.

They introduce higher levels of knowledge and techniques to students in the health field. They make an excellent salary of over $114,000 in Las Vegas.

10. Nurse Practitioners – Nursing

Nurse practitioners in Las Vegas make an average salary of over $110,000 per year.

They provide primary and specialty healthcare services to patients in hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

Other Jobs with High Salaries

1. Marketing Managers – Sales

Marketing managers are responsible for creating and executing marketing campaigns to promote products and services.

They collaborate with other departments, such as sales and product development, to ensure that their campaigns are strategically in sync. They make an average of over $98,000 annually.

2. Computer Network Architects – Computer Engineering

Computer network architects ensure that computer systems are connected securely and that data is transmitted efficiently.

They plan the type of network needed for a company’s business and ensure that network components, such as hardware, software, and security applications, work seamlessly together. Their average salary is over $95,000 per year.

3. Computer and Information Systems Managers – Information Technology

Computer and information systems managers oversee the installation, upkeep, and maintenance of computer systems in businesses and organizations.

They analyze data, manage projects, and coordinate with other departments to ensure system efficiency. Their average salary in Las Vegas is over $127,000 per year.

4. Environmental Engineers – Environmental Science

Environmental engineers design and develop solutions for managing environmental problems, such as contaminated air and water and waste management.

They work with other professionals, such as scientists and hydrologists, to develop viable environmental solutions. Their salary averages over $85,000 per year.

5. First-Line Supervisors of Police and Detectives – Law Enforcement

First-line supervisors of police and detectives lead and direct police operations within a geographic area or crime-related specialization.

They train and mentor patrol officers, assign cases, and oversee investigations. Their average salary is around $99,000 annually.

6. Sales Managers – Sales Representatives

Sales managers are responsible for overseeing and directing sales teams.

They develop sales goals and plans, train sales representatives, establish customer relationships, and ensure that sales objectives are met. Their average annual salary in Las Vegas is over $110,000.

7. Air Traffic Controllers – Aviation

Air traffic controllers are responsible for ensuring that aircraft take off and land safely by directing and monitoring their movement in the air.

They work in a fast-paced, high-stress field that demands a high level of concentration and focus. In exchange, they earn an annual average salary of over $120,000 in Las Vegas.

8. Electrical and Electronics Repairers – Powerhouse, Substation, Relay

Electrical and electronics repairers install, maintain, and repair a wide range of electrical equipment, including substations, relays, and powerhouses.

They have a high degree of skill and expertise in electrical work, and their average salary is over $80,000 annually. 9.

Loan Officers – Lending

Loan officers work with individuals and businesses to secure loans for various purposes, such as building homes, purchasing property, or starting a business. They review loan applications, check credit scores, and work with other professionals to determine the loan approval amount.

They earn an average salary of around $75,000 in Las Vegas. 10.

Industrial Engineers – Industrial Design

Industrial engineers design processes and systems that enhance organizational efficiency and productivity. They develop methods for reducing waste, increasing output, and improving quality control.

Their average salary is over $85,000 per year. 11.

Sales Engineers – Sales Representatives

Sales engineers serve as a liaison between sales representatives and customers, providing technical expertise and product knowledge during the sales process. They develop proposals, attend conferences, and develop relationships with clients.

Their salary ranges from over $70,000 to $130,000 annually in Las Vegas. 12.

Software Developers – Technology, Computer Science

Software developers create computer programs and applications for a wide range of uses, including mobile devices, web applications, and online gaming. They design databases, write code, and implement security measures to protect user data.

Their average salary in Las Vegas is around $100,000 per year.


In conclusion, Las Vegas boasts an abundance of career opportunities in a wide range of industries, and this article highlights the highest-paying jobs in Las Vegas, as well as other high-salaried jobs. These jobs command impressive salaries and offer significant advancement opportunities for individuals with diverse skill sets.

Aspiring professionals should consider these job sectors when planning to advance their careers. Las Vegas, a city known for its vibrant entertainment and hospitality industry, offers a diverse range of career opportunities beyond the top-paying professions.

In this section, we will explore other notable jobs in Las Vegas, covering professions such as civil engineers, mechanical engineers, registered nurses, producers and directors, technical writers, and business teachers. These professions bring their unique expertise and skills to contribute to the thriving economy and cultural landscape of Las Vegas.

Civil Engineers – Infrastructure, Construction

Civil engineers play a crucial role in the development and maintenance of infrastructure projects that shape the landscape of Las Vegas. They are responsible for designing, constructing, and overseeing various infrastructure projects, including roads, bridges, airports, and water supply systems.

Civil engineers ensure that these projects meet safety standards, maximize functionality, and have minimal impact on the environment. With Las Vegas experiencing rapid growth and expansion, civil engineers are in high demand to support the city’s infrastructure development.

Their work contributes to the seamless functioning and connectivity of the city, making an average salary of over $80,000 per year.

Mechanical Engineers – Mechanical Design

Mechanical engineers are instrumental in designing and developing mechanical systems and devices that power a wide range of industries. They work on projects such as designing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems for buildings, creating innovative manufacturing processes, and developing machinery for various applications.

Their expertise in mechanical design ensures that systems and equipment operate efficiently and safely. In Las Vegas, mechanical engineers contribute to the development of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that the city remains on the forefront of innovation.

They earn an average salary of around $85,000 per year.

Registered Nurses – Nursing

Registered nurses (RNs) play a critical role in providing healthcare services and delivering patient care in various healthcare settings. They assess patients’ health conditions, administer medications, perform medical procedures, and educate patients and their families about health management.

In Las Vegas, registered nurses are in high demand, given the growing population and the need for quality healthcare services. They work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities, providing compassionate and specialized care to patients.

The average salary for registered nurses in Las Vegas is over $85,000 per year. Producers and Directors – Film, Television

Las Vegas, with its vibrant entertainment industry, is a hub for producers and directors involved in film, television, and live entertainment.

Producers oversee the financial and creative aspects of productions, including securing funding, hiring cast and crew, and managing production budgets. Directors are responsible for guiding the artistic vision of a production, working closely with actors, cinematographers, and other team members to bring stories to life.

In Las Vegas, producers and directors contribute to the creation of captivating and engaging entertainment experiences. The salary of producers and directors varies based on project budgets, with earnings ranging from around $50,000 to several millions of dollars per year.

Technical Writers – Writing

Technical writers are skilled in translating complex information into clear and concise language, making it understandable for non-technical audiences. They create documents such as instruction manuals, user guides, and technical specifications.

Technical writers collaborate closely with subject matter experts, conduct research, and simplify complex concepts into user-friendly content. In Las Vegas, the demand for technical writers is prominent in industries such as technology, healthcare, and manufacturing.

With their ability to convey information accurately and effectively, technical writers earn an annual salary of around $60,000 to $80,000.

Business Teachers – Teaching

Business teachers play a vital role in equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the business world. They teach various business-related subjects, including accounting, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship.

Business teachers in Las Vegas work in schools, colleges, and universities, preparing students for careers in business and cultivating their entrepreneurial mindset. They create engaging lesson plans, facilitate class discussions, and assess student progress.

The average salary of business teachers in Las Vegas varies based on educational level and experience, ranging from around $60,000 to $100,000 per year.


While the highest-paying jobs in Las Vegas capture much attention, the city also offers a wide range of notable professions beyond the top earners. Civil engineers contribute to the development and maintenance of critical infrastructure, while mechanical engineers drive innovation in mechanical design.

Registered nurses provide essential healthcare services, producers and directors shape the entertainment industry, technical writers communicate complex information with clarity, and business teachers prepare the next generation of business professionals. These professionals contribute their expertise and skills to enhance the economic and cultural vitality of Las Vegas, creating a diverse landscape of rewarding career opportunities.

In conclusion, Las Vegas offers a wide range of rewarding career opportunities across various industries. From the highest-paying professions such as physicians and judges to other notable jobs like civil engineers, registered nurses, and producers and directors, the city provides avenues for professionals with diverse skill sets to thrive.

These professionals contribute to the growth, innovation, and cultural vibrancy of Las Vegas, playing vital roles in infrastructure development, healthcare, entertainment, and education. Whether it’s shaping the skyline, delivering exceptional patient care, or creating captivating entertainment experiences, these professionals contribute to the fabric of the city.

The diverse economy and job market in Las Vegas offer ample opportunities for individuals to pursue fulfilling careers and make a meaningful impact.

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