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The Best-Paying States for Nurses Aides: Where to Find Lucrative Jobs

Nurses Aide Salary by State: Where to Find the Best-Paying Jobs

When searching for the best-paying jobs as a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA), one of the factors that come to mind is salary. The salary is indeed an essential aspect of job satisfaction, and since the job can be one of the most difficult and time-consuming of all healthcare professionals’ duties, it is reasonable to expect good pay for a job well done.

As certified nurses’ aides are one of the most important healthcare professionals, it is only fair that they also receive remuneration commensurate with their responsibilities. And while the salaries offered by different states vary, there is no doubt that some states pay their CNAs better than others.

Methodology: Nurses Aide Salary by State

The average salary for certified nurses aides varies significantly according to state. To determine the highest-paying states for this profession, we used data from several sources, including the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Federal Labor Contracts (FLC), and Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

We also surveyed several job posts, which we used to calculate the weighted average salary for certified nurses aides in each state. Based on this methodology, here are the ten highest-paying states for certified nurses aides.

Highest-Paid Nurses Aides by State

1. Hawaii

Average Salary: $39,500

Hawaii is the highest-paying state for certified nurses aides as it provides numerous job opportunities.

Additionally, Hawaii has a low unemployment rate, making it easier for job seekers to find steady employment. 2.

New Hampshire

Average Salary: $35,200

Sitting at number two is New Hampshire. The Granite State has a higher-than-average cost of living, which explains the high salaries.

The state also has an excellent reputation for healthcare. 3.


Average Salary: $34,700

Vermont is known for its picturesque scenery and low unemployment rate, making it an attractive place to work and live. The average salary for certified nurses aides is relatively high in this state, making it an excellent location for job seekers in healthcare.

4. Connecticut

Average Salary: $33,000

Connecticut has a high cost of living compared to other states, which explains the high salaries offered.

Additionally, CT has a thriving healthcare system, which guarantees job opportunities. 5.


Average Salary: $32,600

Massachusetts has an excellent healthcare system, which explains why the salaries for certified nurses aides in the state remain competitive. Additionally, Massachusetts provides excellent opportunities to advance one’s healthcare career.

6. Maine

Average Salary: $32,300

Maine is known for its beautiful scenery, thriving tourism industry, and top-notch healthcare.

CNAs in Maine enjoy high salaries compared to some other states. 7.


Average Salary: $31,000

Pennsylvania is a relatively large state with a thriving healthcare industry. CNAs in the state enjoy high salaries and job security, making it a desirable location to work.

8. New York

Average Salary: $30,000

New York is home to one of the most significant healthcare systems globally, providing top-notch health services to residents.

Salaries offered to certified nurses aides in NY are relatively high, making it an excellent place for job seekers. 9.

South Dakota

Average Salary: $29,500

South Dakota may not be the most populous state, but it has a thriving healthcare industry. Additionally, the state has plans for future growth, which could explain the high salaries.

10. Rhode Island

Average Salary: $28,000

Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the United States, but it has a thriving healthcare system.

CNAs, in particular, enjoy high salaries and plenty of job opportunities in the state.

Importance of Salary in Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is often discussed among employees, employers, and labor specialists alike. According to a recent survey, salary is the number one factor that contributes to job satisfaction.

It is unsurprising that money is so crucial to employees’ wellbeing, given that it is the primary source of income for most individuals.

Survey Results

The survey, which included several demographics, showed that approximately 67% of individuals surveyed indicated that salary was the most crucial factor regarding job satisfaction. This figure is significantly higher than other factors such as job security, work-life balance, relationships with co-workers, and opportunities for professional development.


In conclusion, the average salary for Certified Nurses Aides varies significantly by state. However, it is clear that Hawaii, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are among the higher-paying states for certified nurses aides, with salaries ranging from $32,000 to $39,000.

Based on our survey, it is apparent that salary is the primary factor in determining job satisfaction. As such, healthcare employers should consider offering competitive salaries to their CNAs to retain and attract top talent.

We hope that this article provides readers with valuable insights into the highest-paying states for certified nurses aides and the importance of salary in determining job satisfaction. State Rankings of Nurses Aide Salary in the US: Which States Pay Their CNAs the Most?

When considering a career as a Certified Nurses Aide (CNA), it’s essential to evaluate the earning potential in the field. While salaries might differ depending on the various factors at play, such as location, level of experience, and seniority level, it’s always useful to consider the state rankings of Nurses Aide Salary in the United States.

Top Ten States for Nurses Aide Salary

1. Hawaii

The highest-paying state in the U.S. for CNAs is Hawaii, with an average salary of $39,500 per year.

This remuneration level can be attributed to the high costs of living in the islands, coupled with the strong demand for CNAs to work in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. 2.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire comes in second high-ranking with an average Nurses Aide salary of $35,200 per year. The state is nationally recognized for its low unemployment rate and is recognized for its high standard of living.

As a result, CNAs in New Hampshire receive one of the best compensations in the healthcare industry. 3.


Vermont ranks third with an average salary of $34,700 per year. The state offers CNAs exceptional employment opportunities due to its low unemployment rate and the strong healthcare sector.

Healthcare professionals, including CNAs, have the opportunity to advance their careers while enjoying attractive compensation. 4.


Connecticut boasts an average salary of $33,000, placing it fourth among states with high Nurses Aide salaries in the U.S. The state has many world-class healthcare facilities and an efficient healthcare system. As a result, certified nurses aides enjoy competitive pay rates.

5. Massachusetts

Massachusetts ranks fifth with an average salary of $32,600.

The state is home to several high-rated hospitals and offers numerous job opportunities to healthcare professionals like CNAs. This environment leads to high salaries for CNAs.

6. Maine

With an average salary of $ 32,300, Maine ranks sixth in the U.S. for the highest Nurses Aide salary.

Maine’s historical healthcare sector boasts significant economic growth, thereby providing numerous job opportunities to CNAs.

7. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania comes in seventh with an average salary of $31,000.

The state’s cost of living is relatively lower than all the states above it on this listing, which keeps the salary packages at competitive levels. 8.

New York

New York offers an average salary of $30,000, placing it eighth among the highest-paying states for Nurses Aides. The state is home to many world-renowned healthcare facilities and provides exceptional employment opportunities to healthcare professionals.

9. South Dakota

South Dakota offers an average salary of $29,500, placing it as the ninth among the highest-paying states for CNAs. Even though the state isn’t as populous as other states, it’s thriving healthcare industry compensates CNAs well for their professional services.

10. Rhode Island

Rhode Island ranks tenth in the U.S. with an average Nurses Aide salary of $28,000.

The state boasts a dynamic healthcare sector, and there is always a high demand for CNAs. This environment has created a competitive pay rate for CNAs.

Full Ranking of All States

Below, we have ranked all fifty states in the United States based on their average Nurses Aide salary:

1. Hawaii, $39,500


New Hampshire, $35,200

3. Vermont, $34,700


Connecticut, $33,000

5. Massachusetts, $32,600


Maine, $32,300

7. Pennsylvania, $31,000


New York, $30,000

9. South Dakota, $29,500


Rhode Island, $28,000

11. Wyoming, $27,800


Delaware, $27,100

13. Alaska, $26,800


Nevada, $26,500

15. Iowa, $26,100


Wisconsin, $25,900

17. New Jersey, $25,200


Michigan, $24,800

19. Ohio, $23,700


Colorado, $23,500

21. Maryland, $23,400


Nebraska, $23,200

23. Kansas, $23,000


Oregon, $22,900

25. Utah, $22,800


Arizona, $22,600

27. Illinois, $22,400


California, $22,300

29. Minnesota, $22,200


Washington, $22,000

31. Virginia, $22,000


Indiana, $21,800

33. North Dakota, $21,600


Idaho, $21,400

35. Missouri, $21,200


Florida, $21,100

37. Montana, $21,000


West Virginia, $20,900

39. Kentucky, $20,800


Arkansas, $20,500

41. Texas, $20,200


Oklahoma, $19,800

43. Tennessee, $19,700


South Carolina, $19,500

45. North Carolina, $19,300


Alabama, $19,200

47. Louisiana, $18,900


Georgia, $18,600

49. New Mexico, $18,500


Mississippi, $18,200

Factors Impacting Nurses Aide Salary

Seniority Level

Seniority level refers to the length of time an employee has been working in the field. Experience is invaluable in healthcare, and therefore CNAs who have been in the field for much longer tend to receive higher salaries than those with less experience.

Many healthcare facilities also offer regular increases and promotions to CNAs who have been in the field longer.


Location is another critical factor in determining salaries for Nurses Aides. Some regions have a higher cost of living, which often translates to higher wages for healthcare workers.

Additionally, high-demand areas and metropolitan centers may also pay higher salaries to CNAs due to increased demand for medical services.

Work Experience

As individuals gain work experience, their salaries tend to increase as well. For Nurses Aides, training is an ongoing process, and professionals who develop new skills and credentials often earn higher salaries.

Work experience can also translate into leadership roles, which typically come with higher pay rates.


In conclusion, location, seniority level, and work experience play crucial roles in determining Nurses Aide salaries. State rankings in the U.S. show that Hawaii, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are some of the top paying states for CNAs. While other variables can also affect salary, these rankings and factors offer benchmarks for professionals in the healthcare industry while providing insights into what drives salaries in the sector.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nurses Aide Salary: Everything You Need to Know

Aspiring Certified Nurses Aides (CNAs) often have questions about salaries in the field. Understanding the highest-paid states and cities, as well as the worst state for Nurses Aides in terms of salary, can provide valuable insights for those considering a career in this rewarding healthcare profession.

Highest-Paid State and City

The highest-paid state for CNAs in the United States is Hawaii. With its tropical scenery and high cost of living, it comes as no surprise that Hawaii offers the highest average salary for CNAs, making it an attractive destination for those seeking higher compensation.

Within Hawaii, the urban core of Honolulu stands out for providing the highest wages to CNAs.

Urban Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu, offers a higher salary compared to other areas in the state. The cost of living in urban areas tends to be higher, which often leads to better pay rates to compensate for the increased expenses.

Worst State for Nurses Aides

While it is essential to consider the highest-paying states, it is equally important to be aware of the worst state for Nurses Aides in terms of salary. Mississippi consistently ranks among the lowest-paying states for CNAs, with an average salary below the national average.

Factors such as the state’s economic conditions, cost of living, and population demographics can contribute to the lower compensation for healthcare professionals in Mississippi.


To provide accurate information regarding Nurses Aide salary data, sources like Zippia and other data aggregation platforms play a crucial role in collecting and analyzing salary data from various reliable sources. These sources use methodologies such as data aggregation and statistical analyses to derive average salaries for particular professions.

The average annual salary for Nurses Aides is typically calculated based on various factors, including job postings, surveys, and governmental data sources. The methodology may involve reviewing job postings that list salary information, surveying professionals in the field, and utilizing data from reputable sources like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and industry organizations.

By aggregating and analyzing this data, a weighted average can be calculated, providing a more accurate representation of the typical salary range for Nurses Aides. This methodology ensures that the salary information provided is reliable and reflective of the current market conditions for CNAs.


Understanding the highest-paid states and cities, as well as the worst state for Nurses Aide salaries, can help aspiring CNAs make informed decisions about their career paths. Hawaii consistently stands out as the highest-paying state, offering attractive compensation due to its high cost of living.

Urban Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu, within Hawaii, provides even higher salaries to CNAs. Conversely, Mississippi is considered the worst state for Nurses Aides in terms of salary, with salaries below the national average. When considering salary information, it is essential to rely on reliable sources and methodologies like those used by data aggregation platforms.

These platforms ensure that the information provided is accurate, statistically sound, and representative of the current market conditions for healthcare professionals. By staying informed about salary trends and understanding the factors that contribute to salary variations, aspiring CNAs can make well-informed decisions about their career paths and potentially seek opportunities in locations that offer more competitive compensation.

In conclusion, understanding the state rankings and factors impacting Nurses Aide salaries is crucial for those considering a career in this field. Hawaii emerges as the highest-paying state, with Urban Honolulu offering the highest wages.

Conversely, Mississippi has the lowest salaries for CNAs. The methodology used to calculate salaries ensures accuracy and reliability. By staying informed about salary trends, aspiring CNAs can make informed decisions and potentially seek opportunities in states or cities that offer higher compensation.

Remember, salary is an important aspect of job satisfaction, so it is essential to consider earning potential when pursuing a career as a Nurses Aide.

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