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Interview Etiquette: Questions to Avoid & Ask for Job Seekers

Questions You Should Never Ask in a Job Interview

One of the most important aspects of landing your desired job is being well-prepared for the interview process. While it is essential to know what questions to ask, its equally important to be aware of questions that should be avoided at all costs.

Below are some key questions that you should avoid asking in a job interview. 1.

Avoiding questions related to salary or benefits

It’s not always easy to avoid questions related to salary and benefits since its important to know what youll be earning and the type of benefits youll be receiving. However, asking too early in the interview process can leave a bad impression, indicating that your only interest in the job is money.

It is best to wait for the employer to initiate a discussion about salary and benefits. If the employer does not bring up the topic, its best to wait until an offer has been made.

2. Avoiding questions that start with why?

Asking questions such as Why did the company lay off employees? or Why wasnt I selected for the previous position?

can create a defensive interview environment. It can also put the employer in an awkward position, forcing them to provide negative information.

Instead of asking why questions, rephrase your question in a more positive and inquisitive manner. For example, What led the company to change its staffing model?

will elicit more information than a why question. 3.

Researching the company before asking about competition

One of the worst things you can do during an interview is to ask questions about your potential employers competitors without researching their company and industry. It’s important you are knowledgeable about the company’s history, mission, values, and achievements before asking about the competition.

Its a common mistake to assume that a company has only one rival in their industry. It would be best to phrase your question as how do you differentiate yourselves from your main competitors?

4. Avoiding questions about reviews or self-appraisal policies

While its necessary to ask questions that will help you determine if you’re a good fit for the company, asking about self-appraisal policies and negative feedback indicates that you lack confidence or have a negative attitude.

It’s best to stay positive and ask questions that show interest in the company and its work environment. 5.

Nixing questions about flexible schedules

While flexible schedules might be important for you to know before fully committing to a job, it should be avoided during an initial interview. This type of question should be saved for when you receive a job offer as it could signal that you are more focused on your needs than on the company’s overall priorities.

6. Avoiding questions about working from home

While remote work might be a more acceptable practice these days, it doesn’t mean that a company will be fully onboard.

During a job interview, it’s best to avoid asking these types of questions as it could signal that you’re hoping to work unsupervised or worse, that you’re already looking for ways to avoid the office. 7.

Delaying offering references until later in the process

While it’s not necessary to provide references during an initial job interview, delaying the offer to provide them could signal desperation or uncertainty in your abilities. It’s best to have them on hand, ready to offer if the interviewer asks for them.

8. Avoiding questions about how soon promotions occur

While you might have ambitions for making the next step in a new company, asking about promotions during a job interview could signal arrogance or that you’re not focused on the job you’re applying for.

It’s best to wait until you’ve landed the position and learned more about the company’s culture and priorities. 9.

Not asking about getting your own office

While working in an office with one’s own space is ideal for some, it should be avoided during an initial job interview. By bringing up this topic too early, you’re indicating that you’re more focused on your personal space and preferences than working as part of a team.

10. Avoiding questions about social media monitoring

Avoid asking about social media monitoring and privacy policies during a job interview.

It could signal that you have something to hide or you’re uncomfortable with revealing aspects of your private life. Try to focus on the positives instead of the negatives.

Questions You Should Definitely Ask in a Job Interview

Knowing which questions to ask during a job interview is an important part of the process. Asking key questions that demonstrate your enthusiasm for the company and your desire to learn more about the position can make you stand out.

1. Asking about the company’s culture

Understanding the culture of a company is important to ensure that it is aligned with your own values.

During the interview process, ask the interviewer to describe the company’s culture, values, and mission to determine if they align with your own. 2.

Inquiring about how the company recognizes employees

Employee recognition is an essential part of employee morale and job satisfaction. Asking about how the company recognizes employees can give you insight into their culture and how they value their team members.

3. Asking what the interviewer likes most about the company

Asking the interviewer what they like most about the company can give insight into what the company values and can demonstrate your interest in learning more about the company’s culture.

4. Requesting examples of collaboration within the company

Collaboration is key to any successful team.

Requesting examples of how teams within the company collaborate can give you insight into the company’s work environment and how teamwork is valued. 5.

Asking about important goals for the first few months of employment

Asking what goals the company has for a new hire during the first few months of employment can give insight into the company’s expectations and can demonstrate your willingness to hit the ground running and achieve those goals. In conclusion, knowing which questions to avoid and which to ask during a job interview is a critical aspect of the job search process.

Avoiding questions that can leave a negative impression while asking key questions that demonstrate your enthusiasm and curiosity about the company can set you apart from other candidates and help you land the job you desire. In conclusion, asking the right questions during a job interview can make all the difference in securing the job you desire.

Avoid asking questions about salary and benefits too early, refraining from using “why” questions, and avoid focusing on personal needs over the company’s priorities. Instead, ask about the company’s culture, employee recognition, and collaboration within the company.

Remember that showing enthusiasm for the company and the position will make you stand out from other candidates. By adhering to these tips, you can ace your next job interview and land the position you desire.

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