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Grow Your Career with MediaCom’s Internal Mobility Program

Internal Mobility: The GROW Program at MediaCom

Are you tired of juggling several jobs across various companies? Or are you looking for opportunities to advance your career within your current organization?

Look no further than the internal mobility program at MediaCom, known as the GROW program. In this article, we will explore the benefits of the program, how it works, and what employees can expect from participating in it.

What is the GROW program? The GROW program is MediaCom’s internal mobility program that allows employees to advance their careers within the company.

The program’s primary goal is to provide a clear path for career progression, enabling employees to develop the skills and experience required to advance to higher positions in the organization. The program is open to all MediaCom employees but is most suitable for those who are ambitious, motivated, and who want to advance their careers within the company.

Benefits of the GROW program

The GROW program provides several benefits to employees, including open communication, opportunities to explore different careers, and job security.

Open Communication

One of the critical benefits of the GROW program is open communication. The program encourages employees to have an active role in their career progression by openly discussing their career goals with their managers.

This transparency opens up lines of communication between employees and their managers, which can help them identify opportunities for growth and development within the company.

Opportunities to explore different careers

Another benefit of the GROW program is that it provides employees with the opportunity to explore different careers within the company. Employees can interview with various internal teams to find the best fit for their strengths and skill set.

This flexibility allows employees to build new skill sets, take on new challenges, and grow their careers within a single organization.

Job Security

Finally, the GROW program encourages a sense of job security among employees. Many employees leave organizations because they hit a roadblock in their career progression.

However, with the GROW program, employees have access to a clear career path, giving them the confidence that they can advance their career within the company instead of leaving for a new job altogether.

How the program works

The GROW program has three primary components: goal-setting, transparency, and internal team interviews.


One of the first steps of the GROW program is goal-setting. Employees and their managers work together to identify their career goals and develop a plan to achieve them.

This step is crucial as it helps employees and managers to align their expectations and work collaboratively to advance employees’ careers within the company.


The GROW program emphasizes transparency between employees and their managers. Being transparent about career goals and aspirations allows employees to discuss opportunities for advancement with their managers proactively.

This open communication and honesty enable trust between employees and management and creates a culture of growth and development.

Internal team interviews

Finally, the GROW program provides employees with the opportunity to interview with various internal teams. This step allows employees to explore different career paths within the company and test their skills in new roles.

The interviews enable employees to take ownership of their career progression and provides managers with information to help support their employees’ advancement.


Internal mobility programs, like the GROW program, are becoming essential features of organizations looking to retain talented employees and enable career development. Providing employees with the opportunity to grow their careers within the organization creates a sense of job security and motivates employees to be invested in the company’s success.

The GROW program at MediaCom has been successful in providing employees with career advancement opportunities, and it is a program that many companies can learn from. In this article, we’ve explored the benefits of the GROW program, how it works, and what employees can expect from participating in it.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, it’s essential to prioritize internal mobility programs to promote career development and support the growth of your business. With the GROW program, MediaCom has set an example of how companies can invest in their employees and provide opportunities for growth and advancement.

The Importance of

Transparency and Communication

Transparency and communication are critical components of any workplace, and they are essential for the success of internal mobility programs like the GROW Program. When managers, employees, and HR are on the same page regarding objectives, they can develop a cohesive plan for employee growth and career advancement.


Transparency is vital to ensure that there is clear communication in the workplace. By being transparent with employees about objectives, managers can ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Transparency also means sharing information about the company’s goals and how employees’ growth and development will contribute to these goals. Managers need to be transparent in conversations about job mobility.

This means that they should be open about the available opportunities, eligibility criteria, and necessary skills. It’s essential to ensure that employees understand what is required of them to a higher level and what development opportunities are available to them.

Open communication means that employees have a clear understanding of how they can progress in their careers and obtain job promotions. When employees feel that they can communicate openly and honestly with their managers about their career aspirations, they’re more likely to be invested in the success of the business and stay with the organization long-term.

Feedback and Frequent Check-ins

Providing feedback and conducting frequent check-ins is another critical aspect of the GROW Program. When employees have regular feedback on their performance, they can make adjustments and continue to develop their skills.

Frequent check-ins can also help identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. Feedback and check-ins are essential for both managers and employees.

Managers can provide feedback on employee performance and progress, and employees can provide feedback on their experience with the program and identify areas where they need additional support.

Employee Experiences with the GROW Program

The GROW Program offers many benefits to employees, including the chance to advocate for themselves, find their strengths and what makes them happy at work, and transition between different teams and agencies within the same network.

Advocacy and Skill Development

The GROW Program gives employees the opportunity to advocate for themselves and their skills, supporting their career growth and development. Self-advocacy is a valuable skill in any industry, and the GROW Program provides employees with the chance to develop this important skill set.

It also enables employees to discover their unique strengths and how they can utilize these in their roles. When employees are happier and more fulfilled in their work, they tend to be more productive.

Thus, businesses benefit by having more motivated and engaged staff.

Transition and Network Opportunities

Finally, the GROW Program allows employees to transition between different teams and agencies within the same network. This flexibility means that employees can try out different roles and responsibilities and broaden their skill sets.

This program also allows them to explore different career paths within the same industry, which can lead to a more diverse and fulfilling career. In conclusion, successful internal mobility programs like the GROW Program require transparency, communication, feedback, and frequent check-ins to succeed.

When businesses invest in their employees’ career development, they’re creating a work environment that values its workforce, enhances employee loyalty and job satisfaction, and promotes workplace growth and success. The GROW program offers valuable benefits to employees, such as self-advocacy, discovering strengths, increasing happiness at work, and transitioning within the same network.

It’s not only beneficial to employees but full teams and companies, which is why transparent communication and attention to individual growth are vital for workplaces to thrive. The GROW Program at MediaCom is a successful example of an internal mobility program that emphasizes transparency, communication, feedback, and frequent check-ins to nurture employee’s career development.

Transparency ensures that employees, managers, and HR are on the same page regarding objectives, leading to well-executed plans. Furthermore, managers must be involved when it comes to conversations about job mobility so employees can understand what is required and available to them.

The GROW Program’s frequent check-ins and feedback are helpful for skill development and career growth. This program also allows employees to find their strengths, meaning, and happiness at work, and can transition within a network.

The takeaway is that providing internal mobility programs has many benefits in terms of employee retention and growth, which is vital in the talent war. It is essential for companies looking to retain talented employees and support their career development to invest in such programs.

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