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Discover the Highest-Paying Jobs at Live Oak Bank and Boost Your Career

Live Oak Bank is a well-known name in the banking industry, offering a variety of financial solutions to individuals and businesses. But what many people may not know is that Live Oak Bank is also home to some of the highest paying jobs in the industry.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the top high-paying positions at Live Oak Bank, as well as the factors that can influence salary fluctuations in these positions.


Jobs at Live Oak Bank

Build-Release Engineer: Those with skills in software engineering & development can pursue this high-paying job at Live Oak Bank. The primary job role of the Build-Release Engineer is to ensure the timely delivery of software applications by managing the development, testing, and release cycles.

Their duties involve solving complex problems, providing technical expertise, and ensuring that software applications function efficiently. The average salary of a Build-Release Engineer at Live Oak Bank ranges between $137,000 to $175,000 annually.

Salesforce Administrator: This position requires managing the most widely used sales management software in the world – Salesforce. The responsibilities for this position will include managing Salesforce applications with the help of different tools and techniques.

Tasks will include, among other things, program implementation, monitoring user trends, and regularly updating Salesforce records. You will be expected to work well under high-pressure situations requiring quick decision-making skills.

The average salary of a Salesforce Administrator at Live Oak Bank is around $130,000 annually. Data Scientist: As data has become more important in the digital age, it’s a good time to pursue a career in data science.

The responsibilities of a data scientist include gathering, cleaning, and analyzing data to drive business insights, working with tools such as PowerBI, SQL, or R programming. In addition, they also create models that can help predict buyer behavior, employ machine learning, and other advanced algorithms.

The average salary of a Data Scientist at Live Oak Bank presently ranges from $130,000 to $170,000 annually. Division Manager: Those with experience managing teams within a business can consider Division Manager roles at Live Oak Bank.

The job requires leading a specific business division while achieving business goals and maintaining compliance standards. Additionally, the Division Manager will be responsible for managing budgets, reducing expenses, and driving revenue growth.

Successful candidates will exhibit excellent leadership and communication skills. The average salary of a Division Manager at Live Oak Bank is around $156,000 annually.

Events Marketing Manager: The Events Marketing Manager role encompasses a wide range of tasks related to managing events on behalf of the bank, including planning, promotion, and execution of various events. This role needs a very strategic marketer who can envision and take the lead on events that will create a buzz and draw attention for the bank.

Additionally, they will negotiate contracts with vendors and collaborate with other departments in the bank to ensure events and marketing campaigns are consistent with the overall brand message and tone of voice. The average salary of an Events Marketing Manager at Live Oak Bank is around $130,000 annually.

Salary Fluctuations

Now that we’ve explored the highest-paying positions at Live Oak Bank let’s shift focus towards salary fluctuations. While these high-paying positions offer some of the best salaries in the banking industry, salaries within these positions can also fluctuate based on a number of factors.

For instance, experience definitely plays a pivotal role in salary fluctuations. Individuals who have worked in these roles for a period of time tend to earn a higher salary than those who are just starting.

An average annual salary of a 3-year experienced Division Manager at Live Oak Bank could earn from $140,000 to $200,000. Geographic location is yet another factor that affects salary.

Live Oak Bank is headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina and salaries in this region can differ from other regional locations. In general, the cost of living affects salary rates in different cities, so it’s important to factor in your location when considering the salary rates of these positions.

For instance, Data Scientists at Live Oak Bank who work in Charlotte, North Carolina, earn around $136,000 annually on average, which is 9.0% lower than what Data Scientists in San Francisco earn.

Standout High-Paid Positions

We’ve highlighted some of the top high-paid positions at Live Oak Bank, but there are certainly other positions that deserve recognition for their competitive salaries. These include Loan Officers, Compliance Officers, and the Loan Servicing Manager.

Loan Officers at Live Oak Bank can make an average salary of $113,000 annually, while Compliance Officers earn an average of $87,500 annually and a Loan Servicing Manager earns an average of $94,200 annually. Lastly, it’s important to note that Live Oak Bank’s success as a firm is directly linked to the caliber of its talented employees, motivating them to consistently and proactively innovate and create successful strategies necessary for success in the hyper-competitive banking industry.

With the talent and experience at the bank, employees can enjoy a fulfilling career and earn competitive salaries in the highest-paid positions. So, if you’re someone who’s interested in pursuing a job at Live Oak Bank, you’ll certainly have a wealth of high-paying job roles to choose from.

Live Oak Bank continues to attract top-tier talent with its assortment of high-paying jobs in various fields. According to public records, Live Oak Bank has one of the most diverse workforces in the industry, with a drive to motivate every employee to perform at their best level.

Here, we’ll provide a full list of high-paying jobs at Live Oak Bank that showcases the diversity of positions available, followed by an overview of the methodology used to determine the salaries of these jobs.

Full List of High-Paying

Jobs at Live Oak Bank

Interactive Developer: Interactive Developers are responsible for building and maintaining web applications and digital media assets that make up Live Oak Bank’s online presence. The position requires knowledge of programming languages such as PHP, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The average salary of an Interactive Developer at Live Oak Bank is around $118,000 annually. Development Administrator: A Development Administrator maintains the software configuration management system and acts as the senior technical resource for Live Oak Bank’s development teams.

Here, the professional is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining operational aspects of facilities. Moreover, duties may comprise establishing and implementing standard technical strategies for companies.

The average salary of a Development Administrator at Live Oak Bank is around $112,000 annually. Senior Software Engineer: Senior Software Engineers are responsible for developing and maintaining software applications at Live Oak Bank.

They work through all phases of the software development lifecycle. Duties include troubleshooting technical problems, providing technical expertise for software application development projects, and contributing to the training and development of junior staff.

The average salary of a Senior Software Engineer at Live Oak Bank is around $150,000 annually. Information Technology Associate: As an Information Technology Associate, you will function as a part of Live Oak Bank’s technology team, delivering high-quality technical support and ensuring regulatory compliance.

This job involves diagnosing and resolving hardware and software problems, and providing technical assistance and guidance to end-users. You’ll also keep abreast of new trends and developments in the IT field.

The average salary of an Information Technology Associate at Live Oak Bank is around $53,000 annually. Loan Specialist: Loan Specialists at Live Oak Bank are responsible for managing and processing loan requests.

Their duties include analyzing credit reports, loan applications, financial statements, and other relevant documents to make informed decisions about loan approvals. Loan Specialists are required to gather and analyze loan data and create loan documentation to meet regulatory requirements.

The average salary of a Loan Specialist at Live Oak Bank is around $78,000 annually. Finance Analyst: Finance Analysts provide financial analysis and performance metrics to Live Oak Bank’s finance team.

They analyze financial information to determine trends, forecast future sales and profits, and assess risk. This position also requires the ability to deliver financial reports with actionable insights.

The average salary of a Finance Analyst at Live Oak Bank is around $84,000 annually. Data Analyst: Data Analysts perform critical functions in the discovery, evaluation, and use of data.

They collect, analyze, interpret, and report data in support of decision-making and business strategy. The role requires the ability to distill large data sets into easily understood metrics and trends.

The average salary of a Data Analyst at Live Oak Bank is around $85,000 annually. Compliance Officer: Compliance Officers at Live Oak Bank help ensure compliance with federal regulations and internal policies.

Duties include developing, producing, and monitoring compliance reporting systems and recommending improvements to the bank’s compliance policies. The average salary of a Compliance Officer at Live Oak Bank is around $88,000 annually.

Executive Assistant: As an Executive Assistant, you are responsible for providing executive support to Live Oak Bank’s top-level management. This job includes coordinating meetings, scheduling appointments, bookkeeping, and assisting in organizing various events.

Responsibilities include maintaining calendars, arranging travel, and managing communication with high-level executives. The average salary of an Executive Assistant at Live Oak Bank is around $65,000 annually.

Personal Fitness Trainer: Live Oak Bank’s benefit package includes onsite gym access with personal fitness trainers. Personal Fitness Trainers at Live Oak Bank are responsible for guiding employees through workout routines, developing and implementing individual fitness plans, and maintaining healthy lifestyles by providing helpful advice.

The average salary of a Personal Fitness Trainer at Live Oak Bank is around $50,000 annually. Loan Closer: Loan Closers at Live Oak Bank ensure that loan documentation completes well before they release funds to the borrower or their representatives.

The Loan Closer will review loan commitments, identify any outstanding issues, and ensure that the loan is ready for disbursal. The average salary of a Loan Closer at Live Oak Bank is around $70,000 annually.

Director Of Pharmacist: The Director of Pharmacy oversees the performance of pharmacists in delivering pharmaceutical care directly and through the management of others, including pharmacy technicians. In addition, the Director of Pharmacist ensures regulatory compliance of pharmacy practices and oversees the maintenance of records and inventory.

The average salary of a Director of Pharmacist at Live Oak Bank is around $165,000 annually. Trust Officer: Trust Officers are responsible for administering trust assets and managing the relationships between the bank and its clients.

Trust Officers at Live Oak Bank must be skilled in investment management, financial planning, and estate planning. They also need excellent communication and negotiation skills to build client relationships.

The average salary of a Trust Officer at Live Oak Bank is around $117,000 annually. Finance Specialist: Finance Specialists prepare financial statements, financial reports, and analyses for both internal and external stakeholders.

They handle general accounting duties such as reconciling accounts, preparing budgets, and completing taxes. The average salary of a Finance Specialist at Live Oak Bank is around $66,000 annually.

Internship: Live Oak Bank offers paid internships that provide real-world experience in the banking industry. Internship assignments include supporting projects and departments, presenting to management, and contributing innovative ideas.

The average salary of an Internship at Live Oak Bank is around $19.00 per hour, according to job postings.


The salary figures listed for specific positions at Live Oak Bank were derived from publicly available data sources, including salary estimates from The Bureau of Labor Statistics, job postings, and Foreign Labor Certification Data Center. The salary information was also obtained from The Office of Personnel Management.

Additionally, we used a weighted average calculation to determine the average salaries of these positions. This calculation involves assigning a weight to each salary figure based on factors such as job title, experience, and location to determine a more accurate average salary.


In conclusion, Live Oak Bank offers a wide range of high-paying jobs in various fields, making it an attractive career destination for highly qualified individuals. The bank’s diverse workforce and competitive salaries are truly impressive.

Moreover, it’s important to note that Live Oak Bank rewards talent and skills regardless of gender, sexuality, nationality. Whether you’re an experienced professional in the banking industry or just starting, be sure to consider some of these positions when searching for your next career move.


Jobs at Live Oak Bank FAQs

Are you curious about the highest-paying jobs at Live Oak Bank? Do you want to know what kind of salary you can expect if you work at Live Oak Bank?

In this section, we answer some frequently asked questions about the highest-paying jobs, good salaries, and Live Oak Bank’s salary structure. We’ll also briefly touch on

Stifel Financial, a financial services company that is often mentioned alongside Live Oak Bank.

Highest-Paid Job at Live Oak Bank

The highest-paid job at Live Oak Bank is the Build-Release Engineer position. Build-Release Engineers are responsible for ensuring the timely delivery of software applications by managing the development, testing, and release cycles.

Their expertise in software engineering and development is highly sought after in the banking industry. The average salary for a Build-Release Engineer at Live Oak Bank ranges between $137,000 to $175,000 annually.

These high salaries reflect the importance and demand for professionals who can navigate complex software development processes.

Good Salary at Live Oak Bank

Many jobs at Live Oak Bank offer good salaries that are competitive within the banking industry. The definition of a good salary may vary depending on factors such as location, experience, and the individual’s needs and expectations.

However, at Live Oak Bank, most positions offer salaries that are above the national average for their respective fields. Whether you are a Salesforce Administrator, Data Scientist, or Division Manager, you can expect to earn a good salary that reflects your skills and responsibilities.

Live Oak Bank Salaries

Live Oak Bank is known for offering competitive salaries to its employees. The bank recognizes the value of attracting and retaining top talent in the industry.

According to publicly available information and job postings, Live Oak Bank’s salaries are on par with or above the market average for similar positions. The bank takes pride in compensating its employees fairly and ensuring that their hard work and dedication are recognized through their compensation packages.

Jobs at Live Oak Bank

Live Oak Bank offers a diverse range of job opportunities across various fields. From technology roles like Interactive Developer and Senior Software Engineer to finance-related positions such as Finance Analyst and Compliance Officer, Live Oak Bank provides a wide array of career paths.

Those interested in marketing can explore roles like Events Marketing Manager. Additionally, other roles, including Loan Specialist, Executive Assistant, and Data Analyst, offer opportunities for growth and development.

Whether you have a background in banking or are looking to transition into the industry, Live Oak Bank has positions that can cater to different skill sets and interests.

Stifel Financial

Stifel Financial is often mentioned in conjunction with Live Oak Bank.

Stifel Financial is a prominent financial services company that offers various financial solutions such as investment banking, brokerage, and wealth management services.

While both Live Oak Bank and

Stifel Financial operate in the financial industry, it’s important to note that they are separate entities with different areas of focus. Live Oak Bank primarily specializes in lending and financial solutions for individuals and businesses, whereas

Stifel Financial has a broader scope of financial services.

It’s worth exploring opportunities at both companies to determine which aligns with your career aspirations and goals. In conclusion, Live Oak Bank offers many high-paying jobs that provide competitive salaries within the banking industry.

From Build-Release Engineers to Division Managers, Live Oak Bank compensates its employees well to attract and retain top talent. Salaries at Live Oak Bank are considered good, and the bank is known for valuing its employees’ contributions through fair and competitive compensation packages.

Whether you’re interested in a position at Live Oak Bank or exploring opportunities at

Stifel Financial, the financial services industry offers a variety of rewarding career options. Live Oak Bank offers a wide range of high-paying jobs in fields such as software engineering, finance, marketing, and more.

Positions like Build-Release Engineer and Division Manager rank among the highest-paid roles at the bank. Salaries at Live Oak Bank are competitive within the industry and reflect the value the bank places on attracting and retaining top talent.

The diversity of positions available ensures that individuals with various skill sets and backgrounds can find fulfilling careers. Whether you’re interested in Live Oak Bank or exploring opportunities elsewhere in the financial industry, these high-paying jobs provide a pathway to success.

Pursue your passions and consider joining a company that values and rewards its employees’ contributions.

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