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10 Inspiring and Uplifting Websites to Brighten Your Day

10 Sites for Inspiration and Cheer-UpsWhether you’re feeling stuck in a creative rut or need some cheering up, the internet has plenty of resources to offer. From design inspiration to heartwarming stories, there are numerous sites that will spark your imagination and lift your spirits.

This article will introduce 10 different sites that you can explore both for inspiration and cheer-ups. Sites for Inspiration:



Dribbble is a vibrant online community of designers and illustrators who share their work through a series of shots. The website offers a peek into their creative process, making it a perfect place for artists in search of inspiration.

2. Kickstarter:

Kickstarter is a platform where creators can share and fund their projects.

The website’s Discover page is a treasure trove of innovative and awe-inspiring projects that range from technology to art to social causes. 3.

The Webby Awards:

The Webby Awards is an annual ceremony that celebrates the best of the internet across various media categories. Their website showcases the winners and nominees of each year, providing a wealth of inspiration for creatives and internet enthusiasts.

4. Behance:

Behance serves as a portfolio site and social network for creatives.

Its users can showcase various types of work, including graphic design, photography, and fashion. Behance is an excellent platform for discovering amazing work and connecting with fellow creatives.

5. Information is Beautiful:

Information is Beautiful is a website dedicated to the art of data visualization.

It features a collection of infographics, charts, and diagrams that are both aesthetically pleasing and thought-provoking. 6.

Product Hunt:

Product Hunt is a community where makers share their just-released apps, sites, and products. It’s an excellent place to discover the latest and coolest technology trends.

7. Core77:

Core77 is a design resource that features innovative and beautiful projects across various industries.

From product design to architecture and wearable tech, Core77 showcases the best of design. 8.


Milq is a platform for sharing and discovering cultural content. It allows users to create collections of songs, videos, images, and discussions, making it a great tool for discovering new things and expanding your cultural horizons.

9. Uncrate:

Uncrate is the ultimate buyer’s guide for men, featuring covetable creations in all categories, from fashion to tech to home.

It’s an excellent source of inspiration for anyone looking for unique and high-quality products. 10.

The Best Designs:

The Best Designs is a collection of gorgeous websites showcasing cutting-edge design themes and physical workspaces. It’s an excellent resource for designers and anyone looking for inspiration for their own website or personal space.

Sites for Cheer Ups:

1. Huffington Post Good News:

The Huffington Post Good News section is dedicated to celebrating wonderful things and people.

It’s an excellent source of heartwarming stories and uplifting news from around the world. 2.

Positivity Blog:

The Positivity Blog is a great resource for anyone looking to cultivate more happiness and awesomeness in their lives. It features practical tools and real-life stories to inspire positivity and resilience.

3. HooplaHa:

HooplaHa is a website dedicated to bringing a smile to your face.

It features funny videos, touching stories, and cute animals, making it a great source of entertainment and cheer-ups. 4.

Make Everything OK:

Make Everything OK is a website that provides instant positive thinking by clicking on a button that reads “Make Everything OK.” It’s a fun and lighthearted tool that can provide a quick mood boost. 5.

1,000 Awesome Things:

1,000 Awesome Things is a blog that celebrates the small but significant things in life. From tripping and realizing no one saw you to finding $5 in your pocket, the website showcases the universal moments of joy that we often overlook.

6. Novni:

Novni is a platform for anonymous confessions and posts.

It’s a great tool for catharsis and for getting something off your chest without fear of judgment. 7.

CNN Heroes:

CNN Heroes features everyday people doing extraordinary things. It’s a great source of inspiration for those looking to make a positive impact in their communities.

8. Emergency Compliment:

Emergency Compliment provides users with actual funny compliments.

Users can choose from various options, such as “Laundromat,” “perfect height,” or “your hair looks amazing,” to provide a quick pick-me-up in times of need. 9.


PointerPointer is a website that pulls up a picture where a cursor is pointing, only to show another picture where a cursor is pointing in that same location. It’s a fun and silly tool that can provide a brief escape from reality.

10. Gretchen Rubin:

Gretchen Rubin is a happiness expert who provides practical advice on how to cultivate good habits and happiness.

Her website features success stories and practical tips for achieving a happier and more fulfilling life. Conclusion:

In conclusion, the internet is an excellent source of inspiration and cheer-ups.

Whether you’re a creative looking for new ideas or someone in need of a pick-me-up, there are countless resources available to suit your needs. These 10 websites are just a small sample of the many amazing resources that can help inspire and uplift you.

So, go ahead and explore, and who knows what newfound inspiration or elevated mood you’ll encounter!

Sites for Making You Think:

1. 100 Lessons From 100 Entrepreneurs Worth Over $100 Million:

This website gathers valuable insights from successful entrepreneurs, covering numerous topics ranging from time management to triathletes to handling email.

Each article provides food for thought and valuable takeaways to help you thrive both personally and professionally. 2.


StoryCorps is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and sharing the stories of people from all backgrounds. Their website features oral history projects and American interviews that highlight different perspectives and experiences.

The stories shared on StoryCorps make you think and foster empathy and understanding. 3.


This website’s Intelligence section features articles on today’s world and topics that matter, including politics, science, culture, and more. The articles are thought-provoking and relevant, providing insights and analysis on the most important issues of our time.

They’ll make you think about the world we live in and the impact we can make. 4.

The Listserve:

The Listserve is an email newsletter with a twist. Each day, a randomly chosen user is given the opportunity to send an email to all subscribers, sharing their thoughts, experiences, and insights.

The Listserve provides a unique and diverse range of perspectives, making you think about different topics and viewpoints. 5.

Science of Us:

Science of Us is a website dedicated to exploring the science behind human behavior and providing scientific explanations for everyday phenomena. The articles are written in an understandable way and are highly relevant to our lives, making you think about the decisions we make and the impact they have.

6. Hacker News:

Hacker News is a platform that features user-submitted links related to entrepreneurship, tech, and intellectual curiosity.

The website is an excellent resource for those looking to stay on top of emerging trends and to deepen their understanding of the industry. 7.


Brilliant is a teaching platform that offers courses in math and science. The courses are interactive and engaging, making complex concepts easy to understand.

Brilliant is an excellent resource for those looking to sharpen their skills and learn something new. 8.

Big Think:

Big Think is a knowledge forum that features significant and relevant ideas from experts and thinkers in various fields. The website tackles the most pressing issues of our time, making you think about the world we live in and the changes we can make.

9. What They See:

What They See is a blog that explores artwork from various perspectives, encouraging readers to question their assumptions and thought processes.

For example, they recently featured a French mid-century realist statue and explored how different people might interpret its meaning. What They See is an excellent resource for those looking to expand their horizons and think critically.

10. Learnist:

Learnist is an expertly curated content platform that features articles, videos, and other resources across various topics.

Their art and business of blogging section is particularly useful for those looking to improve their blogging skills and to stay on top of emerging trends. Sites for Being Somewhat Productive:


Standard Resume:

Standard Resume offers a beautiful and clean resume template that is downloadable in PDF format. It’s an excellent tool for those looking to refresh their resume and showcase their skills in a professional way.

2. Workflowy:

Workflowy is a simple yet powerful note-taking and organizational program.

It allows you to capture your thoughts and ideas in an organized and easy-to-read format, making it an excellent tool for boosting productivity and staying on top of tasks. 3.


Mailinator is an email address provider that allows you to create any address on the fly without the need for sign-up. It’s a great tool for those who need a temporary email address for account creation or verification.

4. Crazy Egg:

Crazy Egg is a website analytics tool that provides reports and heatmaps that show visitors’ focus and attention on your website.

It’s a useful and fascinating tool for those looking to optimize their website for maximum engagement and conversions. 5.


Delocator is a local search engine that focuses on independent businesses rather than large chains. It’s an excellent tool for those looking to support local businesses and discover hidden gems in their area.

6. Sleepyti.me:

Sleepyti.me is a bedtime calculator that helps you determine your optimal sleep time based on your natural sleep cycles.

It’s an excellent tool for those looking to improve their sleep quality and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. 7.

WiFi QR Code Generator:

WiFi QR Code Generator allows you to create a QR code that your guests can scan to access your WiFi network hassle-free. It’s an excellent tool for those who frequently have guests over and don’t want to go through the hassle of providing the WiFi password manually.

8. 9 Favorite Books:

9 Favorite Books is a website that offers ever-changing free books that you can download in PDF format.

The website features a wide range of genres, making it an excellent resource for anyone looking for a good read. 9.


Transformy.io is a simple tool that allows you to format an entire list and organize it according to your needs. It’s an excellent tool for those looking to declutter their to-do lists and stay on top of tasks.

10. Morning Traffic Report:

Morning Traffic Report sends you an optimal route to work via text message each morning.

It’s an excellent tool for those looking to save time and avoid traffic delays. 11.

Name Shark:

Name Shark is a fun quiz that helps you remember contacts’ names, faces, and personal details. It’s an excellent tool for those who frequently meet new people and want to make a positive impression.

12. Freedom:

Freedom is an app and internet-blocking service that allows you to create distraction-free sessions for maximum productivity.

It’s an excellent tool for those who struggle with distractions and want to stay focused and productive. 13.

How Long to Read This:

How Long to Read This calculates your personal reading speed and provides an approximate reading time for books. It’s an excellent tool for those who want to plan their reading time more efficiently.

14. LinkHubb:

LinkHubb allows you to create aesthetically appealing collections of links and share them with others.

It’s an excellent tool for those who frequently share resources with others and want to organize them in a visually appealing way. 15.


Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies the best coupon codes at checkout. It’s an excellent tool for those who frequently shop online and want to save money.

16. F.lux:

F.lux is computer software that adjusts your screen’s display light according to the time of day, helping you go to sleep more easily.

It’s an excellent tool for those who spend a lot of time on their computer and want to improve their sleep quality. Sites for Talking About:



Vox is a general interest news site that offers high-quality content with a fresh and engaging voice. One of its unique features is the “Card Stacks” format, where complex topics are broken down into bite-sized, easy-to-understand chunks.

Vox is a great site for sparking conversations and staying informed on a wide range of topics. 2.

Stack Exchange:

Stack Exchange is a network of diverse online communities where experts and enthusiasts answer questions on various subjects. With a wide range of topics ranging from technology to science to arts and humanities, Stack Exchange provides a platform for users to engage in meaningful conversations and seek expert opinions.

3. Hackaday:

Hackaday is a website that features cool hacks, bizarre projects, and detailed tutorials.

It’s a hub for creative minds and DIY enthusiasts to discuss their work, share ideas, and learn from each other. Hackaday fosters a supportive and collaborative community that encourages conversation and innovation.

4. Help Fill the Silence:

Help Fill the Silence is a website that provides amusing doodles and interesting facts to fill those awkward pauses in conversation.

It’s a great resource for anyone looking to be an interesting conversationalist or lightening up the atmosphere in social situations. 5.

Google’s Year in Search:

Google’s Year in Search is an annual recap of the most popular web searches and trends from the past year. Through visualizations and data, Google highlights the topics and events that captured people’s curiosity and sparked conversations.

It’s a great way to stay up to date with the most talked-about subjects and engage in discussions around them. 6.

Pop-Up City:

Pop-Up City is an urban trends site that explores the future of cities, design, and technology. It offers insights into the world’s future landscapes, from innovative architectural projects to sustainable urban planning.

Pop-Up City is a great resource for discussing and envisioning the future of our cities and the impact of design and technology. 7.

Let Me Google That For You:

Let Me Google That For You is a playful and sarcastic website that demonstrates how to answer questions using Google search results. It’s a humorous way to point out that sometimes the best way to get answers is to make use of the readily available information on the internet.

It’s a fun tool for sparking conversations and playfully teasing someone who could have easily found the answer themselves. 8.

The Family Dinner Project:

The Family Dinner Project provides conversation starters and resources to help families make the most out of their mealtime conversations. It offers interesting and thought-provoking questions that can stimulate meaningful discussions and create stronger connections between family members.

The Family Dinner Project’s conversation starters can also be useful in other settings, such as the office, to encourage engaging conversations and build relationships. Expanding the article with these topics:



Reddit is a popular social news aggregation and discussion website. It’s divided into numerous communities called “subreddits,” each catering to different interests.

Users can engage in discussions, ask questions, and share information and opinions. Reddit offers a vast range of topics, making it an excellent platform for sparking conversations and connecting with like-minded individuals.

10. TED Talks:

TED Talks is a platform that hosts thousands of powerful and inspiring talks given by experts in various fields.

With a wide range of topics, from science and technology to art and psychology, TED Talks provide thought-provoking content that encourages conversations and deepens our understanding of the world. Each talk comes with subtitles and can be easily shared, making it accessible to a global audience.

11. Medium:

Medium is a blogging platform that allows users to share their thoughts, stories, and expertise with a wider audience.

It hosts millions of articles written by professionals, experts, and enthusiasts on a vast array of topics. With its interactive and comment-sharing features, Medium fosters conversations and encourages readers to engage with the content they consume.

12. Quora:

Quora is a question-and-answer website where users can pose questions and receive answers from a community of experts and knowledgeable individuals.

It covers a wide range of topics, from science and technology to humanities and personal development. Quora is a great platform for engaging in thoughtful conversations, seeking advice, and sharing knowledge.

13. LinkedIn Groups:

LinkedIn Groups are communities built around specific professional interests or industries.

They provide a platform for professionals to connect, share insights, ask questions, and discuss relevant topics. LinkedIn Groups offer opportunities for networking, sharing ideas, and engaging in meaningful conversations with like-minded professionals.

14. Twitter Chats:

Twitter Chats are scheduled discussions that take place on Twitter around specific hashtags.

They bring together individuals with shared interests to participate in a live conversation on various topics. Twitter Chats can provide a lively and interactive environment for engaging in conversations, sharing insights, and connecting with others in real-time.

15. Facebook Groups:

Facebook Groups provide a space for individuals with common interests to gather, share information, and engage in conversations.

Groups can be public or private, catering to a wide range of topics, hobbies, or professional interests. Facebook Groups offer a platform for connecting with others, seeking advice, and discussing shared passions.

16. Discord:

Discord is a messaging platform that allows users to create and join communities called “servers.” These servers can be dedicated to specific interests, hobbies, or topics, providing a space for users to engage in real-time conversations and share information.

Discord is popular among gaming communities but has expanded to cater to many other interests, making it a versatile platform for conversations. 17.


Clubhouse is an audio-based social networking app where users can join virtual rooms to participate in conversations and panel discussions. It offers a unique and interactive way to engage in real-time conversations with experts and individuals from different fields.

Clubhouse has gained popularity for its ability to foster meaningful and engaging discussions. 18.

Slack Communities:

Slack is a collaboration platform widely used in professional settings. It allows users to create channels and communities centered around specific topics or interests.

Slack communities provide a space for professionals with similar interests to share insights, ask questions, and engage in conversations related to their field. In conclusion, the internet offers a wide array of websites and platforms that encourage conversation, engagement, and discussions on various topics.

Whether it’s news and current events, DIY projects and hacks, urban trends, or personal growth, these websites provide opportunities to explore, learn, and connect with others who share similar interests. From online communities to specialized platforms, the digital realm offers countless spaces for dialogue and conversation, making it easier than ever to connect with others and engage in meaningful discussions.

In a world driven by technology and connectivity, the internet offers a vast array of websites and platforms for inspiration, cheer-ups, conversations, and productivity. From sites dedicated to sparking creativity and thought-provoking discussions to platforms that foster community engagement and knowledge sharing, the online world provides endless opportunities for personal growth and connection.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration, a mood boost, or meaningful conversations, these websites offer valuable resources to enrich our lives and expand our horizons. Embrace the power of the internet, explore these sites, and let them inspire, uplift, engage, and motivate you on your journey.

Remember, in this digital age, knowledge and inspiration are just a click away.

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